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Enumerators & Crew Leaders (BB-F172D)

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StatisticsCanada is looking to fill 9,000 positions across Ontario. When you work forStatistics Canada, you gain valuable work experience at one of the topstatistical agencies in the world.

Mostcensus jobs involve doing the field work associated with data collection. Fieldpositions include both supervisory and non-supervisory roles, but most censusjobs are enumerator positions (non-supervisory).

  • Enumerator(non-supervisory)
  • Crewleader (supervisory)
  • Thejob start and end dates vary by position and location, but will be betweenMarch and July 2021 and available across the country.


    Enumeratorswork part-time and schedules vary, with most of the work being in the eveningand on weekends. They are paid $17.83 per hour, plus eligible expenses. Inselect Northern and remote communities, enumerators are paid $29.25 per hour.

    Asan enumerator, you will:

  • collectquestionnaires from households
  • captureaddresses and drop off letters inviting residents to complete their censusquestionnaire online
  • followup with respondents by calling or visiting people in your area to complete acensus questionnaire
  • shipcompleted questionnaires.
  • Crewleader (supervisory)

    Crewleaders work full-time and schedules vary, with most of the work being in theevening and on weekends. They are paid $21.77 per hour, plus eligible expenses.In select Northern and remote communities, crew leaders are paid $31.25 perhour.

    Asa crew leader, you will:

  • train,lead and supervise a team of up to 18 enumerators
  • monitorthe progress and productivity of your team
  • callor visit people in your area to work with them to complete a censusquestionnaire
  • receiveand ship questionnaires and other census documents.
  • Bepart of the team that collects the data that will shape Canada's future!

    Thehiring process

    Step1: Application

  • C andidatesapply by completing the online recruitment application.
  • Step2: Screening follow-up with candidates being considered for a position

  • Wecall candidates who are being considered for a position to ask follow-upquestions.
  • Step3: Security assessment

  • Candidatesreceive an email containing the "Personnel Screening, Consent andAuthorization" form, which they fill out and submit electronically.
  • Candidatesundergo a criminal record check and a credit check. See The security screeningfor more information.
  • Wecontact two references (work or volunteer) to see if the candidates are a goodfit for the job.
  • Step4: Interview (crew leader candidates only)

  • Candidateswho applied for a crew leader position and have been screened in areinterviewed.
  • Step5: Qualification

  • Candidateswho successfully completed all the previous steps are included in a pool ofqualified candidates and may be offered a position
  • Thesecurity screening

    Allpeople working for Statistics Canada must agree to security screening. Theprocess includes:

  • verifyingprevious employment
  • verifyingreferences
  • conductinga criminal record check and a credit check.
  • Jobsare only offered after successful completion of the security screening. Formore information about the security screening, see the 2021 Census jobs FAQ.

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