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Looking for a non-smoking person to help us in our home. We are a family of three, my husband, my 14-year-old son who is blind, and myself who has health issues and on dialysis. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment close to the Lions Outdoor Pool in Stratford, Ontario.


Initial duties would involve:

- chopping and washing vegetables
- washing, drying, and grinding grains (with a mill) and/or making bread
- cooking vegetables, legumes, and grains per recipes provided
- refilling distillers, water bottles and vaporizers
- preparing herbal preparations and broths
- dishwashing
- sweeping
- spot cleaning

Work and hours could be extended to also include:

- washing and drying laundry
- ironing clothes
- organizing cupboards and storage areas
- simple office work (such as stuffing envelopes, making labels, etc. )
- running errands at local stores
- booking appointments and other phone work
- assisting our son with homeschooling projects


This would be a contract position and not employment. You would be considered self-employed, and thus able to deduct expenses (such as travel to and from our home) on your taxes.

Every 2-4 weeks you would provide us with an invoice which we can pay with cheque, cash, or email interac within 5 business days.

We would pay $15 per hour for the first month. We are willing to pay as much as $20 per hour. But this will depend on how fast and efficiently you can or wish to work. We had one young lady working for us who we paid $20 an hour and worked very quickly. We paid another older gentleman less, who was semi-retired because he wanted to take his time, have frequent breaks, and not stress himself. So there's a sliding scale based on how hard you want to or are able to work.

Regardless of hourly rate, I would also include a bonus each month, based on how many hours you worked and how much money my business made that month. This way the more money I make as a result of your help, the more money you earn.

We are a family of three. My wife, Nicole, and I have been married 17 years, having moved to the area from Toronto about 14 years ago. Our son, Jonah, is 14.

Nicole has serious health challenges including type-1 diabetes and kidney failure. She receives kidney dialysis treatment three times a week at Stratford General.

Jonah is blind, is homeschooled, and plays the piano. You can visit his website at www. jonahsworld. net.

I work at home, largely involved in research, writing, and consulting in a variety of fields, including health, business, and fiction.

We live in a small two-bedroom apartment on William St. near the center of town. We have plans to move to a larger residence elsewhere in Stratford. But, right now, we would rather use our money to pay for help to free up time so I can work on growing the business and increasing our income.


1. Cooking experience (preferably vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, and/or ayurvedic).

2. High-standard (though not fanatical) of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

3. Non-smoker (including both tobacco and marijuana).

4. Save phone calls and chit-chat for before or after work hours.

5. Enough English to get by, does not have to be perfect or fluent.

6. A native Spanish tongue is a plus, though not required.

7. The names of at least three people who will vouch for your trustworthiness.

8. No fragrance products while working in our home.

9. Mobile devices (cell, smart, etc. ) must be deactivated or in airplane mode while working in our home (we do not have any wi-fi).

Email resumes or inquiries.

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