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Thinking Out Loud Vol 3

Thinking Out Loud Vol 3


So as far as | can tell, the US had a president
who lost an election by more than 7 million
votes, but kept on claiming he won. He
encouraged his faithful to come to Washington
to protest this ‘rigged’ election and the idiots
all came loaded for bear. They then, under his
encouragement, stormed the Capital left
several dead bodies in their wake and trashed
the place, all of which, many of them swear
was on Trump's orders. You also have several
Republicans who appealed to Trump to call
it off, which he ignored, when he could have
easily called in the National Guard and deflated

Now if this isn’t creating insurrection then |
think we need to re-define the term. Two years
later and nothing has happened, except he is
being asked to testify in front of a committee
that has no power to prosecute him. And he has
the fifth amendment, which he will undoubtedly
take. So no one will be any further ahead.

What this leads me to believe is that justice for
the real criminals in America is pretty much
a big sack of BS.

For anyone who is hoping for
some sort of breakthrough here,
well good luck with that.

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