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SCAN #2:

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This was taken in about 1977, when my wife and I were living in the coach house in back of Gordon Lightfoot's house in an area of downtown Toronto called Rosedale. This shot was in one of the upstairs rooms. We lived there virtually rent free for three years, which allowed us to save up enough money for a downpayment on our first house. The deal was we would keep an eye on the house on the weekend, which is when Gord did most of his gigs. That was a pretty crazy time. But we were friends with Gord and his girl CathyJo.. I got to watch Gord create, with his band, the entire Sundown album, which they did in the beautiful enclosed porch of the house. I also got to meet and spend time with a lot of incredible people at Gord's house, including Bob Dylan, who was and has always been an idol. I can't remember the cat's name. But I used to shoot her a lot. She loved to be photographed.

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John Rylance

1 month ago #2

Cats know how to pose, always showing their best side.

What perfect timing! One of the blogger friends just released a post about Gordon Lightfoot - https://thesoundofonehandtyping.com/2021/11/17/song-of-the-day-gordon-lightfoot-carefree-highway/

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