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See this guy?

See this guy?

See this guy? Everybody knows who he is and what he is. He's a self-professed anarchist and not necessarily the type of human being you'd want for a neighbour. He is one of the pioneers in popularizing the far right wing movement in the US and though he may call himself one, he is nothing even close to being a patriot. I have been aware of him for quite some time, and in all that time I have never really be able to understand what he's trying to achieve. In this way he is like so many in the far right movement in the US, whose only goal seems to be destruction, and next to nothing of anything beyond that. Being able to incite, and provide a platform for right wing extremism, in a democratic republic, which the US has always claimed to be, really does smack of insurrection and treason. And the fact that he was able to get his infuence right into the Oval Office during the early part of the Trump administration, really does say a lot about where Trump himself is coming from too. Anyway, he's in a whole heap of trouble now, which I personally thought he would be smart enough to avoid. Just goes to show you. Hopefully this will open the floodgates and ensnare a whole bunch of insurrectionists, no matter how big.


Francisco Lopez

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Jerry Fletcher

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Jim, In my view, nasty things should happen to this mini-minded fool as quickly as Justice can put him away!

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