Jim Murray

4 months ago ·

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See this needle and this vial? They have been created to help rid the world of a plague that has already killed and adversely affected the lives of millions of people around the  world.

But there are a subset of people out there whose gullibility and ignorance has caused them to rebel against vaccinations. Not because they know anything about them, but because they have aligned their beliefs along political lines.

And in this case the two sides are for and against vaccinations. The trouble is that until everyone is vaccinated this disease will remain strong and move around freely killing more and more people, even in some cases those who are fully vaccinated.

This is the sad reality of the world we live in, and is a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. The people who refuse to be vaccinated have no real reason to do so other than that some idiot told them to and they were dumb enough to believe it.

This is the height of human selfishness, and these people should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately they simply do not have the intelligence to see that.

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Jim Murray

4 months ago #5

This is obviously the worst kind of political football there is. But if you actually just look at the real numbers, we're really talking about a very small percentage of vaccinated people who had adverse effects. My position is that this was rushed but for the majority of people, it has been worthwhile doing. I agree wit h everybody';s comments, and in the best of all worlds this never would have turned into anything like the catastrophe it did, if if if. If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

I am not against vaccines but the information presented about the Covid vaccines is not clear. Plus, they are not FDA-approved. People are getting sick and dying and it takes months to determine the reasons. I feel much more research should be done before any vaccines are approved. Not one size fits all. 

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

4 months ago #3

What about all those people who are pro-vaccination but against the particular vaccines for Covid-19? Some of these people are medical professionals. Are they unintelligent too? Or perhap you know more abou this topic than them? Perhaps you ought to listen to Randall's advice…

Jim Murray

4 months ago #2

#1 Nothing is as it appears. Nut the simple fact is that vaccinations are saving lives. Nothing is perfect.  

Randall Burns

4 months ago #1

You know Jim, with all due respect and I've been biting my tongue, you really need to do some research, some real research, and don't put your faith in MSM or our “politicians”. Don't take my word for it either but seriously do some digging. Things are not as they appear…

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