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Saw this a while ago on Facebook. Sounds like a good thing to do.

You know, it would be a real shame if people understood that an
inexpensive VPN or proxy service can make it appear that your IP
originates in Texas and allow you access sites that are restricted to in-
state IP addresses.

It would also be just awful if people knew that you can generate six fake
Texas address in seconds at:

| probably shouldn't mention that you can download a list of thousands of
fake names in minutes at:

| seriously should not bring up that fake, one time email address can be
had at:

Because it would be truly terrible if starting September 1%, every day
hundreds of plausible but fake reports were submitted to:

Because it seems like this site was started by a private organization, and
I'm sure the authorities would be slightly upset if they were handed a
hundred or so fake tips daily.

Even if the folks running it did do some checking before filing police
reports or lawsuits, it would be terrible if their manpower and IT
resources were drained by having to filter through hundreds or even
thousands of plausible reports daily.

If they're leasing server time from a cloud provider, they may even be
charged a variable rate based on site traffic and server usage. Soit’s
possible they could incur so fairly high costs even if they putan app in
place to automatically filter reports.

That would be a darn shame, wouldn't it?

It would be even worse if someone programmed a bot to do this
automatically at random intervals.
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