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Donald Trump has launched a new social media site for righties called Truth. He had it built on an open platform, which his site builders advised against. But being the all knowing Imperial Wizard that he is, he probably poo-pooed the idea to save some money, which is a dwindling resource in his empire, and one he needs to use to pay lawyers to defend him against the literal tsunami of suits and charges that are coming at him. So anyway, the site was immediately hacked, of course, and shut down. Guess they will just have to try again. It's also interesting to note that part of the terms of service for membership on the site will be your promise not to say anything negative about Mr Trump. There's also a rumor floating around that part of the financing for the site is coming from China, which, I guess, would add hypocrisy to all the sterling qualities this site will undoubtedly possess. Trump believes this site will compete with Facebook and Twitter, which of course, underscores his total lack of knowledge about social media sites and how long it takes to build a large site. But hey, a man needs a hobby, doesn't he? Special thanks to Occupy Democrats and the one and only George Takai.




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Jerry Fletcher

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And so it goes.

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