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Americans are always pretty quick to talk up their achievements, and rightly so. The country excels in a number of different areas of endeavour. And today with a grand total of 719,000 deaths from Covid, they lead the world in another area. A lot of this rather dubious achievement can be credited to the hard work of their former president, who spent a good deal of time in denial when Covid started to spread in his country. He then went from denial to becoming the principal spreader of misinformation about Covid, which did two things. 1. It created a great deal of confusion and slowed the down work of all those who were trying to give people a clear picture of what they were up against with this virus, and 2. It gave rise to the anti-vaccination movement, which today is responsible for 99% of all Covid cases and deaths, and is helping to push the US’ death total to a million. The irony and sadness of all this is that there is still a gargantuan amount of willful ignorance about Covid, especially on the right wing side of the population. And until such a time as the entire country is vaccinated, their case and death toll will continue to rise and lead the world by an even greater margin. Congratulations America. You have perfected the deadly art of the tail wagging the dog. 

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