Jim Murray

4 months ago ·

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Every post I write about the Covid 19 situation seems to meet with some resistance to what I consider to be simple logic.

Maybe these people didn’t have the luxury of living through the polio era in this society when vaccinations were mandatory and resistance was non-existent. And guess what, we wiped that shit off the map.

Now we have another plague that’s causing even more damage and what happens in the ‘woke’ 21st century? Bunch of yahoos spreading all kinds of politically motivated mis-information at one end and a much larger bunch of people who refuse to sit back for a minute and think about this logically.

Drug companies don’t set out to poison us with their vaccines. What they do is set out to sell the most effective solution they can create within the parameters of time they are given. In this case, all things considered they have done a hell of a job. And yes, it would have been great if they’d had more time to test their vaccines. But there was no more time, because you can’t keep the world shut down indefinitely without everything else going to hell.

And yes, some people, as far as I can tell, way less than 1% of the people who received the vaccine have had some sort of adverse reaction, and yes, even deaths.  But the reality is that the greater good was served and continues to be served.

As a person who took the vaccine gladly and has had no adverse effects I guess I consider myself lucky, along with the other tens of millions like me.  But when I look at the numbers logically, I see that  this is helping to get this virus under control.  


Conversely I see anyone who is refusing to get vaccinated as simply slowing down the process and increasing the amount of time before we can declare this pandemic over. I also consider them selfish in the extreme, because they are showing little empathy for their fellow humanoids.

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Randall Burns

4 months ago #1

Well Jim,


   I'm going to assume that you understand what “cult mentality” is. Does a cult member understand that they are in a cult? Do they comprehend or understand what that is? Do they still have independent thinking, critical thinking, logic?

   Of course you're meeting resistance because it really isn't that simple nor does it appear that you're applying any logic.

   First you cannot compare the polio vaccine with this latest “Jab”. You're comparing apples to frogs. It cannot even be called a “Vaccine” by definition or any stretch of the imagination. As I suggested to you before do not take my word for anything, do some research, as I have been doing constantly over the last year. I have literally thousands of videos/discussions, articles, testimonials, peer reviewed papers, etc. to support everything that I tell you, and I will gladly forward them to you at your request;

   There is NO data, proof, or any other information to support the hypothesis of a pandemic, or in your words, a plague". EVERYTHNG is based on the PCR test which has been proven over and over again to be seriously flawed, and NOT applicable for the application that they are using it for, and their technique in using it is blatantly wrong.

   Here are the stats for ICU admissions here in Alberta for the year 2020, Directly from Alberta Health department, I have the same for Ontario, it is the same world wide. Want to take a guess as to what the numbers are? The LOWEST that they've been in the last 5 years! Does that sound like a pandemic? There are numerous testimonials from ER doctors and nurses attesting the same thing.



   Numerous surveys of funeral services confirm that, “2020 was an average year for deaths”


   Do you seriously honestly believe that Big Pharma has your best interest in mind??? You are naive, coupled with the fact that the CDC, WHO, Anthony Fauci along with many doctors have a vested interest, including vaccine patents, in Big Pharma. They're just after the profit.

   I'm happy that you're glad that you took the “Jab”, although I have to say that I'm sincerely sorry for anyone that has taken that irreversible step without “informed consent” which is our basic human right. Speaking of which I must take accept ion to your comment of anyone refusing the “Jab” being “selfish”. Really? Do you understand how fascist that sentiment is?

   You know we had the same fiasco with the swine flu although after 50 deaths from the vaxx they immediately pulled it. This is not even the tip of the iceberg, you really need to do some research but I will leave you with this short vid that came out today


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