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See this chart? It shows you who won the election that was held in Canada yesterday. What you don't see is a lot of hue and cry about how the election was rigged. You don't see a ton of people up in arms about how unfair everything was. You might hear about a few but there's always a lunatic fringe. And you know why you're not gonna hear much hue and cry.? Because Canada is basically a civilized country. The people voted for their choice. And the people, for the most part, accept the result. Does the new government have a lot to prove? You bet your ass it does. Any only time will tell whether that can. But one thing is certain, we will have, for at least the next three years, a good relationship with the countries around the world and our major trading partner the good old USA. You can disagree with the results if you like. It's your right in a free country. Just don't get stupid about it, eh.


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