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I wasn't really much for artificial lighting in my shots. And in the winters, I liked the way the grey clouds would white out the windows. I didn't take a lot of selfies, I was more interested in pointing the camera the other way. This would have been sometime in the late seventies. I believe it was at my old friend and pound dealer English John's place. For several years I was the dealer of choice to all my crazy ad friends. English John always had the best Colombian and Mexican smoke. The weird things about English John were that he wasn't English, and I never saw him when he wasn't stoned.


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3 days ago

Never thought I would see this is Canads.

Jim Murray · I saw this posted online somewhere yesterday. It sickened me right to my core that there are people in Canada who think so little of the whole human race and so much about the so called white race that they would advocate this. It also distressed me that the number of people who ...

5 days ago

Just a thought...

Jim Murray ·

6 days ago

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7 months ago · 2 min. reading time

My friend, and former client, photographer Michael Kohn, who is a very bright guy, posted an interes ...

1 year ago · 2 min. reading time

Two years ago I returned home from a four month ordeal that included major spinal surgery, that took ...

1 year ago · 3 min. reading time

This is the second in a series on branding strategy for authors. But in actuality, it applies to vir ...

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I am getting ready for what is right around the corner right now.  While I have doggedly refused to be put on the family mobile phone plan, I see all our kids accessing amazing mobile apps, where they no longer dial but simply ask Siri to put a call through to each other.  As ama ...

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