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2 months ago ·

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He is a sworn enemy of American democracy, and though he looks like a hobo most of the time, he actually is the glue that's keeping right wing fanatics stuck to Trump. 

Guys like this are the people in America I understand the least. Crooked politicians I get. There's a lot of money it in for them. Same for capitalists. But this guy, he just appears to be in it to kick up shit and try and dismantle the system. 

I have listened to him speak a couple of times, and while he is articulate enough, I never really got the impression he actually knew why he was doing what he was doing. There are a lot of people like this in America. The freedom of speech that country allows lets these people flourish and even become heroes among the great mass of the under-educated and overly gullible. And for this he is truly an enemy of democracy. 

He's in a bit of trouble right now, but I don't see this working out badly for him, because if they throw the book at him, they turn him into a martyr, and if they don't he keeps on being a high profile seditionist, shit disturber and member in good standing in the good old American Rebel Without A Clue Society

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