Jim Murray

2 months ago ·

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Started my winter project today, plowing through few thousand transparencies I kept after my purge, and scanning them. In addition to the stuff around me, I also did a few selfies that I liked as well. This one was probably done in 1977.

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Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · MY FIRST NEW SCAN · I now have a Kodak Scanza scanner and know how to use it. This is the first scan. I just picked it out at random. It's a pic of Rosalind Ronson the daughter of one of my best friends, Jim Ronson, who passed away a few years back. Jim and his family lived up in ...

2 months ago

SCAN #2:

Jim Murray · This was taken in about 1977, when my wife and I were living in the coach house in back of Gordon Lightfoot's house in an area of downtown Toronto called Rosedale. This shot was in one of the upstairs rooms. We lived there virtually rent free for three years, which allowed us to ...

2 months ago


Jim Murray · This was one of many shots I took in Nova Scotia. This is a place in the bay about 6 KM from Chester where we were staying. It's called Little Tancook Island. Everything on this beautiful little gem was nicely weathered and of course the ocean makes the colours pop like crazy.

1 month ago

Scan de Jour:

Jim Murray · This is another shot from Little Tancook Island in Nova Scotia.