Timothy Wall

1 month ago ·

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Progress Update: Ejection Seat Completed

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The Worst Habit to Have If You Desire to Make Progress

Chris Spurvey · An entrepreneur wakes up in the morning, eats breakfast, showers, puts on her best clothes, and heads to the office with the best intentions of drumming up new business that day. But she zooms through the day focusing on everything but making the calls, although she does occasion ...

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How to Fail

Kevin Pashuk · Thanks to Kathy Finnerty Thomas  for her post today Failure is success in Progress which inspired me to dig up this old post of mine.  Read her post here. · Seeking opportunities where failure may occur seems counter intuitive to a successful career. · But it isn't. · If you are ...

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The Writer’s Voice. A Work In Progress

Jim Murray · The older you get the faster the time goes. It sounds like a lamentation, but if you get to a certain age like me and you’re still quite healthy, you start to look at life a little differently. · The Lucky Bastard Principle · You start to think, man, I’m one lucky bastard, especi ...

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Finished Roads

CityVP Manjit · Back at the start of the 21st Century a few years after discovering this new space called the World-Wide Web in 1998, I had changed my name on a discussion board to "Work-In-Progress".  The year 2000 was when I first accosted by this concept that Tom Peters had promoted and that ...

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The art and necessity of trailblazing...

Graham🐝 Edwards · I just got back from snow shoeing and I could not help but think about a blog I wrote a while ago — I just had to share. I should also add that as much as I will be craving soon enough, right now I am enjoying winter. · Author's note up front —this is a metaphorical journey that ...

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The Simplicity Manifesto: A Constant Work In Progress

Jim Murray · Recently, and over a protracted period of time, I have been working to simplify my existence. · This arose out of two separate addictions that I wanted to rid myself of. · 1. The addiction to constantly acquiring and having to learn new technology, both hardware, and software. I ...