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2021 it is time to leave you

2021 was a brutal year for many. COVID, we thought was losing because of our scientists and the use of vaccinations for the vast majority of the population, (at least in my area where we are at 85% double vaccinated and 18% triple vaccinated, as of this date) However, COVID is not done with us yet and is making a strong comeback, so 2022 is not looking good.

Having said that, I believe that when we look at the world through a lens of what is going right, not going wrong, the world becomes a much happier, more wonderful place.

To focus on the positive, Write a list of all of the positive things you intend to accomplish in 2022. Start by recalling all of the positives that happened for you in 2021. Take the time and savour the sights, sounds, and feelings of those positive events in your life. Anything positive no matter how small can be remembered and by remembering, you can start to shift your attitude.

Another way to prepare to focus on the positive is to embrace gratitude. When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears."- Tony Robbins

Think about the positive aspects in your life in as much detail as you can, there is research that shows if you add as much detail as you can to your gratitude statement it will be more focused and will help you dwell on the positives. So, as you prepare for 2022 think about five people, events or things that you are grateful for and why you are grateful for these people, events or things being in your life.

Finally, as you prepare to take on 2022 and all it will offer and the challenges it will bring, you may start to feel tense. Now is the time to take a breath. "One way to break up any kind of tension is good deep breathing." -Byron Nelson

Deep breathing is extremely powerful and simple. It can increase your energy, promote relaxation and even improve your digestion. Proper breathing should not require any work. One easy way to make sure you are breathing correctly (from your diaphragm) is to imagine there is a balloon in your lower abdomen.

As you inhale through your nose expand and blow up the balloon. As you exhale you should feel the balloon deflate. Today stop and take four deep relaxing breaths before you sit down and create the list of positive aspects you hope to see in 2022.

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