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365 (and a bit) days to make stuff happen

365 (and a bit) days to make stuff happen

Social media feeds are filled with the anticipation of a new year and all the best wishes that come with it — it’s the time of the year to reflect and dream and resolve to do better in the upcoming year. The calendar is reset, and we enter a new year fresh with endless possibilities — we are given another twelve new months to make stuff happen.

To everyone, great success with making stuff happen in 2023 — better yet, great success with making the hard stuff happen in 2023.

Well there you go, I’ve done my part by wishing you a happy and successful new year; an easy proposition if ever there was one. The rest is now on you (and me I suppose because I know people have wished me a happy and successful new year).

This does feel so very familiar and there is an imperative somewhere in all of this. Oh right, it’s my new year so it’s only fair that I’m the one to make it happen.

Good thing I have done this New Year Thing before and can reflect on what has worked before and look at what hasn’t worked as “growth opportunities”; although if memory serves me, there are no guarantees what worked before will work again so I better stay sharp. Where is that list of reminders again?

Have goals (plans, resolutions, wants, desires, objectives) and at least get them scribbled down on a napkin.

Work fuckin’ hard.

When your plans go south (and this happens a lot) you cannot quit — you must keep your wits about you and find a way.

Cherish your relationships and give more than you take.

Whining is OK when it gets hard, but keep it to a minimum, and keep going until you’re finished doing what needs to get done. (a personal favourite)

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Do have a safe and healthy 2023, and let me know if I can ever help.


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