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A great literary magazine full of terrific stories, poems and artwork.

A great literary magazine full of terrific stories, poems and artwork.

This is the latest issue of Rosebud Magazine (#69), marking my twenty-year relationship with publisher extraordinaire, Rod Clark. Twenty years, Rod, without a single disappointment or regret. This is a beautiful issue with artwork by Bruce Bodden throughout (really worth seeing), three poems by Ernest Hemingway, and the wonderful animated works of Rick Geary and P.S. Mueller. I've only started reading my copy but, God, it's good to see a literary journal showing amazing talent that anyone can enjoy (especially non-intellectuals like me). If you want a subscription to Rosebud, go to 

Believe me, it's worth every cent.


By Robert Cormack

1 ws rading abot ths uy pov «
preston ot « whe oud wes. Hed
berm 0 meupaindern in bu pouch Nothung
Aappened ibe t dod 1m ths sry Fvery-
called “sunizod” quessons Semi | deh
tend 0 do ronkznd, | made the re of
twp | tare out cading st “Tow Rewred
Termine” hem | remembered bs comment
abut rnmming in diacher “Obsasuy”
Boe sd Tan a dosent reemme
1 bad 0 gv wh the real emgth of the
sary “Swumeming in Afthencian
coming ‘ate the ichaal

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mele wearing pac snd caryng fee
Cups. A hervyaet repos was these from
Te Fdmantom Framenes Wied tend to 17:
terviem Kahrs comung thassgh fhe does
carter. Kahr ha pobely deciined. A
nash, obo Now the reporier 131
davecsiy in frone, ers out, rweary base

Lace that sheerroon. Kachrs had
beocght bus she propor anc save.
There was + remote of sorts or. 4 Jorg
eicarica cond. Hed taken off hs sweaters,
bt sel wore ho Pasbean ves ant Welk
boos. They ef wet chevron on che wage
a0 he walks back and forth

Wher. everyone was seated. 2 all,
baidirg mur. hed the seage. Ho
ame was Dart, the wool priacopal


ches watched the people


47 Ruwbud

White Kichru was weecirg sp earlier,
Dorfmar. hud asked to we che sisdes
Finding 00 prmares of loghes victim or
shaded ukdren, be umd “TU gre a
bowed catrocucion. and you can take
From there

Now Dorfman toad with bi fees
apt Lhe he was expuing 4 mong wind
“Cond everang.” be 12d #0 the micro.
Phare. “Let me ware by spying tha unt
1 forum on cermarien oa ght. We're here
to leary thes mans Background snd what
beoughe him ww our schol He tamed
to Kaches “ls hut + arr wemmany” be
med. sd Kachra nodded “Then II
farm ches over to our gars Ladies 1nd
gordemen, Kachra Genta”

There was bghe spp

“Hello” Kaches ta, bedi 70 the.
mrophone. “Thank you for coming
out on wach 3 cold evening. Where |
come from. it gees very cokd. to And
box sometime Wee either dvering or

Nebody reacted. Kaches picked op
the progres come

“When | wis young” he sand brig:
og up the Fo side, | ved reas Questa
in the northern pramince of Pakistan
Growng up there wis not easy, bu |
have ford memarms.” he wad, choking
the progcton, shomeng a vlsge serve, okd
trucks, aking thus could have corre oe
of 4 Spaghects Ween

“T cant show where | ved” be as
“There so mo cares of my hose ar my



Robert Cormack

1 year ago #7

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #6

Looks like something I would like to read :-)

Robert Cormack

1 year ago #5

What's your email, Ken? I'll send you a pdf of the magazine.

Ken Boddie

1 year ago #4

Ken Boddie

1 year ago #3

Robert Cormack

1 year ago #2

Really? I thought it was Rod still hasn't changed the cover (busy guy) but I'm sure issue #69 is there if you hit the Purchase icon. Let me know and I'll send you a PDF of the magazine.

Ken Boddie

1 year ago #1

I’d love to read your Afghan freestyle frolic, Rob, or is it a breaststroke banter, or perhaps a backstroke or butterfly blood-bath?  Either way, your link to Rosebud has died a death. Perhaps it encountered an IED on route from the publisher to beBee? 💣💥

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