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A Senior’s Guide to Stay Connected – Part 4

A Senior’s Guide to Stay Connected – Part 4

The following are a collection of videos that were created by a number of producers, and they have been put together into one series because they are geared to the way the majority of seniors learn. 


Video Conferencing

How to Set Up FaceTime Want to use FaceTime to call and video chat with your family and friends, but not exactly sure how to get started? Watch this video tutorial to learn the steps of setting up FaceTime on your iOS device.

Using FaceTime This tutorial is a demonstration of how to use FaceTime, showing how to make and receive calls and exploring FaceTime options in depth.

Skype Course ln this course you will learn: What Skype is Download & Install Skype Create a New Skype Account Log-in & Out of your Account Find family and friends Make your first Video Call Instant Messaging Why Learn Skype?

How To Install And Use Skype For Free This video describes step-by-step how to install and use Skype to make audio and video chat calls.

How to use Skype - Beginners Guide Before Zoom there was Skype and many seniors may already be familiar with Skype. Skype is a video, audio and chat app by Microsoft. The app free and is available on Mac and PC and on iPhone and Android. It allows you to chat with your contacts that have a skype account.

2020 Google Hangouts Meet Tutorial Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing tool by Google that allows you to join or start a meeting with colleagues. You can easily facilitate these meetings by sharing your microphone and screen. You can share your screen, chat with participants, and integrate with Google Calendar.

How To Use Zoom | Video Conferencing Tutorial for Beginners ZOOM is free video-conferencing software that is simple to set up and easy to use for all skill levels. This software allows you to use your phone, tablet or computer to host or join online video conferences. This video covers: How to use ZOOM, how to host a meeting, Video conferencing features, how to join a meeting.

Facebook Messenger Video Call Tutorial In this video, we show you the basic steps needed to start a video call using Facebook Messenger.


Facebook guide for beginners New to Facebook? The presenter walks you through the basics and is geared to those below the age of 75: Joining Facebook & Privacy Settings, editing your profile, Finding & adding friends, Facebook pages, Your News Feed, Messages & Messenger, Facebook Groups: the secret, closed & public, Using Facebook Search

Facebook for Seniors, Grandparents & Boomers This video takes a slightly different approach to learn Facebook and is designed for those over 75. It begins with a screen walkthrough of how to create a profile on Facebook. Use the times below to go straight to the questions:

                        ·     How do I post on Facebook?

· When I write a name in a comment, what does it do?

· What is social media?

· My family says I need Facebook, what is that?

· I just got an email, why do I need a Facebook?

· Who can find me on Facebook?

· Can everybody see everything I post on Facebook?

· Can you get a computer virus from Facebook?

· What are the ads and notifications on the right side of my Facebook page?

Learn Facebook: Easy Video Tutorial For Seniors Another introduction to Facebook and it focuses on how to upload pictures, tag people, add videos using cut and paste and how to connect with other Facebook users.

10 Things You Should Never Share on Facebook Posting too much information on Facebook might be unsafe for you and your family. Here're 10 things you should delete from your Facebook.


How to Create a YouTube Account This video shows you how to set up a YouTube Account.

How to Make Your First YouTube Video Here's some advice on how to make sure your first video turns out great!

12 Cool YouTube Tricks You Should Be Using These are 12 useful YouTube tips and tricks that you should be using. Many of these cool YouTube tricks will give you more functionality and make your overall viewing experience better.


Instagram Tutorial 2020 - Beginner's Training Guide This video will walk you through using Instagram, step by step. The presenter is fast, but all you have to do is stop, play the section again. This video starts with a new app download, a new profile, exploring Instagram, following new people and posting your first photo or video.


How To Use Pinterest For Beginners A 2018 Tutorial. Pinterest is a social media website that allows you to save websites, blogs, videos and any other content to boards by pinning pictures. This video will walk you step by step with Pinterest sign up, setting up Pinterest, how to create a Pinterest account, your account, and actually using Pinterest.


How to Use WhatsApp - 2020 Beginner's Guide WhatsApp is own by Facebook along with Instagram. It’s a messaging app similar to text messages on your phone. You can also make calls on the app and send and receive photos and videos.


Text and Email Emoticons Explained: What They Mean and How to Create Them on a Keyboard This video introduces the emoticons and the emojis you may have seen in texts, emails, social media postings and ore and explains what they mean and how to create them on your keyboard.



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