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Amazing Ways Human Resources Can Use Artificial Intelligence

Amazing Ways Human Resources Can Use Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is changing so many areas of business. It may seem surreal and even unnecessary to non-techies, but trust us when we tell you that AI is quickly going to be as essential to the work you do as your laptop is. Understanding what powers artificial intelligence and where it is being applied in human resources is key. Read on to get a better understanding of how AI (artificial intelligence) is supporting human resources departments all over the world.

Machine learning and deep learning are at the heart of AI. They strengthen the capabilities of the AI system you are using. Machine learning allows you to draw insights and make informed decisions based on collected data. This is how online retailers know what other products you might like when you view their online store or make a purchase from them. But machine learning can provide insights into more than just shopping habits. In a work environment, it can tell you which employees hold a higher risk for quitting, who needs a mental health day, who is most suitable for a particular role, as well as many other valuable insights.

Deep learning is the “brain” of artificial intelligence. In other words, it is the component of AI that allows your AI system to learn independently. The more information you feed your AI system, the more valuable the deep learning component becomes. Data is the vitamin pill for deep learning. In terms of human resources, imagine if you could analyze all of the employee information you have, all information from job applicants, all of the resources in your organization to support employees and all of the information available from all over the web that is relevant to your business, HR, workplace trends and employee relations. That’s a lot, right? But, the ideas for implementing the best HR programs would be endless, and your ability to make informed decisions that affect the company would be enhanced considerably. Here are some places where AI is being used to improve HR functions:

Research your candidates online: Artificial intelligence spiders though voluminous amounts of data, including web based data. That means you could have instant access to blogs, social media accounts, photographs, videos, and more that indicate both positive and negative things about candidates you are considering for hire. Companies who do this research manually, waste a lot of time and money paying people to ultimately provide a subjective opinion of a person’s overall character. Artificial intelligence gives you unbiased feedback about the activities, opinions and interests of candidates.

Pick up nuances in speech and body language: Technology like CIQ’s RapidCapture™ and Norbert® have the ability to analyze and report on unstructured data such as video recordings and voice recordings so that employers can tell whether a person is being deceptive or is simply nervous. Reports on findings can be accessed by either issuing a query to the system or sent automatically to the hiring manager.

Assess talent vs skill: Many people work in jobs where they have acquired skills that are not within their actual sphere of talents. Being able to fully assess the talents of your employees and potential employees means you will be able to assemble a team of highly productive, positive people to drive your business forward. People performing work that matches their talents have more energy for their work, are more creative and more engaged than those who are working outside of their talent set but within their skillset.  An artificial intelligence solution like Norbert can integrate information from surveys, interviews, performance reviews, and work samples and provide you with a complete talent profile for each employee. Using an AI solution to help you determine the best fit for your employees means fewer sick days, less stress leave, less turnover, fewer mistakes and more cost savings to your business. Even more interesting is that the machine learning element of the AI system will recommend a place for your valued employees that will add value to your business. You don’t necessarily need to fire people and you won’t have to go through a period of trial and error to see what works.

Determine career path: Need to figure out how to develop a career path for your employees? The artificial intelligence that runs within Norbert makes this a simple process. As you uncover the talents of your employees (see the point above), you can also use AI to easily determine the best way to maximize the talents of individual employees. Remove the guesswork and definitively know the positions needed to optimize the unique capabilities and talents of a particular employee.

Chatbots or RapidCapture can provide quick access to information: Benefits administrators and employees alike can benefit from having quick access to information about available benefits, best providers, most used benefits and a wide variety of analytics which if accessed manually, would consume a ton of time and resources. Simply query the system and get all the information you need!

Eliminate human bias in candidate selection: Studies show that attractive people get hired more readily than their less attractive counterparts, but the human bias in hiring goes far beyond visual discrimination. Resumes get thrown out for being from the wrong side of town, for ethnic reasons, gender bias and many other reasons, but these are unfair practices which could ultimately cause employers to lose access to the best talent. Taking the human element out of critical points in the hiring process can ensure you actually select the best candidate, rather than the one who is a reflection of the personal biases of the hiring committee.

Predict behaviours: One of the many amazing attributes of a good AI system is predictive analytics. Artificial intelligence systems allow you to know things like which employees are most likely to quit and when you will be short staffed. Norbert could notify you about which employees were struggling emotionally and in need of time off. In occupations where resources are low but attention must be high, this information could reduce the risk of workplace accidents and costly errors.

Get notified about where and when to direct training efforts: Employee development is a key component of employee engagement, but it isn’t always easy to know where you should be directing your training dollars for the best return on investment. Artificial intelligence systems like CIQ’s Norbert can help you with that. You will be able to track gaps in all of your employees knowledge and performance and receive recommendations with respect to who needs what kind of training and which type of training will be most beneficial to your employees. There are many learning styles to consider, plus company budgets factor in as well, so be it self-directed manuals, online training, webinars, or live training, you will get the best recommendations from CIQ’s Norbert.

Measure morale: What you learn about morale in your company doesn’t have to be confined to employee surveys. Things that show up in performance or communications that indicate changes in morale can be tracked and sent as notifications to management. The AI can be configured to pick up nuances in language and performance. As data is gathered over time, the AI system will glean insights based on patterns it observes across your organization.

Combat information overload: Our connected work environment causes organizations to overload employees with information from files, emails, phone messages, text messages, meetings and conference calls that are often unnecessary and irrelevant. This creates confusion, causes excessive stress and saps productivity. According to recent studies, 72% of employees report that they cannot access important information held within their company’s systems.  That creates enormous stress at work and seriously affects productivity. CIQ’s Norbert reduces this issue by proactively sending only relevant information to key people, and as mentioned previously, Norbert can be queried for information at any time, so nothing is ever lost or buried in a file.

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Bill Stankiewicz

5 years ago #6

Great post here Renee!!!!

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #5

This appears to be a subject worthy of more study, Renée. I Googled a few obvious keywords, including Norbert, but all I appear to be accessing is bottom line claims, and there is very little useful information about the workings and implementation of AI, so that I can make an informed decision about the appropriateness of set up and investment. Do you have any useful links addressing actual implementation?

John Rylance

5 years ago #4

Thank you for your reply. My point is you made AI sound like the number 42 (I think) that in Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe the answer to everything. As HI ( Human Intelligence) I'm glad I still have something to offer in decision making.

Renée 🐝 Cormier

5 years ago #3

Thanks for the share, Bill Stankiewicz, \ud83d\udc1d Brand Ambassador

Renée 🐝 Cormier

5 years ago #2

Thanks for your comment, John. AI doesn't take the decision away from humans. It simply allows them to make more informed decisions. According to IBM 80% of data is unstructured and left out of the decision making process. Being able to convert unstructured data into a structured format, means that business decisions can be made with 100% of available data. Norbert is great for all areas of business. Whether you use it for HR or some other area of your business, the system will not only analyze the information it is fed, but also feeds on new information via the internet. I find it to be rather fascinating. Stay tuned for more posts about AI in business, sports, healthcare, government, and more!

John Rylance

5 years ago #1

What you appear to be saying is that Humans are incapable of making unbiased judgements re their potential and existing employees, but an AI named Nobert can. How can you prove that it itself isn't biased by its own programme? Surely Norbert would be more use to analyse the nuances of a candidates body language at interview than random videos of things totally irrelevant to the post they are seeking. I would give more credence to how they performed in interview than how they appear sometime ago on the social network. Your post seems to take the decision making away from the Human and giving to a form of AI.

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