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Anxiety attack

Anxiety attack

 Many of us are fighting to stay in our own zone, and sometimes we let the demons overtake us, and we give in to our anxiety and our fear. That is ok because we live in scary times and we survived as a species because when we were afraid, we took action to fight or to flee. Sometimes it is better to flee. 

My daughter was working in Australia and they were preparing the towers for the upcoming snow season, and while up on the tower, her co-worker disturbed a nest of Huntsman spiders. My daughter was at the bottom and suddenly there were hundreds of Huntsman floating down, She got out of the way and after the initial landings the Huntsman, for the most part, ran away, and my daughter let them go. However, there were a few of the Huntsman spiders who decided to attack those that had, attacked them. The Huntsman who did attack did not survive. Sometimes it is better to get away and hide for a while until things settle down.

Great advice for us older folk, but what about the kids who are caught up in the restrictions and having their world turned upside down, we need to take care of them or they will feel more and more anxious and upset. Many of them will hide it because they don't want to appear weak or they don't know what they are feeling. 

I did not believe that anxiety could shut a person down until I had a full-blown anxiety attack when I was at university. It was devastating because I had up until that point in my life, never been really out of control. I did not seek help because I did not know there was help available. I finally overcame but that one episode stayed with me. So, please if you are suffering from depression, or anxiety get help.

As we move more and more into the unknown, make sure that you talk to the children in your circle. Reassure them that even if we don't know what will happen next, we are listening to the experts who are leading us. Also, tell them that they are loved and that it is ok to be anxious and that you support them and they can talk to you about their fears and feelings and you will not be judgemental. As the Beatles said, "All we need is Love" but we have to let others know that we love and support them so they can come to us and we can get them the help they need.


Royce Shook

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Hi John thank you for the maxim, I enjoyed reading it.

John Rylance

1 year ago #2

I agree with Pascal,


Perhaps a good quote/maxim to ponder on when anxious is this one.

You're always one decision away from a totally different way of life.

It might not provide an answer, it says there's a solution out there if you look.

As they say seek and you will find.

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #1

a very good article  (as always :-)  ) 

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