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Any Colour But Dull

Any Colour But DullThe act of engaging a process can be tedious but it is elevated by meaning, in effect there is a delayed gratification as the process is constructed, because one can envision the value that process then adds once it is in place.  Even where the expectation falls short, the vision includes a penchant for exploration, discovery and pivoting to the next experiment.

It is in an event based situation however where lack of imagination can be visceral. Just because there are tedious steps to a process, an event is different in that the experience is direct and it can be touched.  So why go to the length of creating sophisticated and technically well planned processes and yet create a dull event.  Does that not recall Ferris Bueller? 

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CityVP Manjit

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Getting into one's happy place looks like this clip from the Fantastic Mr Fox or at least in 16 seconds it says a lot. Being happy is not shallow, it is fantastic, the Dalai Lama is mostly happy in public I am not going to argue against any human beings definition of happiness, the argument is neutered when the definer is actually not happy. Nor do I want to define what happiness is when I am happy lest I become conscious of it and lose happiness like a child can no longer blow amazing bubbles and gets unsatisfied enough to blow through soap rather than the joyful bubbles of happiness. It dulls me to treat happiness as an idea, when it is a way of being, a state of spirit, a freeing of mind and a health of body.

CityVP Manjit

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Intuitively we can develop a good feel for our minds, bearing in mind also that in the expert community, boredom is still largely a mystery to them which also applies to medical understanding of depression and this being so, I take even more stock in the Delphi Maxim in the times of Socrates i.e. "know thyself" cc Fatima Williams

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