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Are you a Romeo?

I read the following tweet recently and thought it was funny.

My grandmother lived to be 102.

When I asked her what her secret was, she said, “God’s punishing me.”

I guess as we get older, we see the humour in many more things then we did when we were younger. We were sitting at our favourite pub on Friday having lunch, and another group of men came and sat down at the table near to us.

One of the men just before he sat down, turned to us and said, "I know what you are."

So, one of my friends said, "Oh what are we?"

The other man smiled and said, "You are a bunch of Romeos’."

We all laughed and one of my other friends said, "We try to be, but how did you know?"

The young waitress standing near the table started to smile and then she just started to laugh. The other man said, "Oh no, I don't mean the romantic Romeo."

We all must have looked puzzled because he continued, "We are also Romeo's."

Another of our group asked, "What do you mean?"

The man replied, "We are, "Retired Old Men Eating Out or R.O. M.E.O. for short."

We all laughed and agreed that we were, in fact, R.O.M.E. O’s. We then asked do you do this often, as we had not seen them in the pub before.

The man continued "Yes we meet every Tuesday for lunch."

We must have looked confused as we all thought it was Friday, so after a bit of back and forth about days and times, the other man explained they could not do it on Tuesday this week, so they moved to Friday.

So now we go out I will, I think, refer to ourselves as R.O.M.E.O's not members of the PGA (Pissed Golfers Association) which is a more appropriate name for our group.


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