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are YOU good help?

I am part of a face to face networking group in our little town.  And one of the members is a communications expert with a very storied background in marketing, branding, advertising, and creative.  I read his ebook recently and was stunned.  He has a chapter about finding good help which accurately and succinctly makes the point that everyone talks a mean game but very few deliver.  (All sizzle, no steak anyone?)

Then he gives five questions for small and medium size businesses to ask when interviewing potential suppliers.  Five simple questions to give you a sense of whether there will be a good fit and what real substance will be brought to the table.  I have copied those questions here.  Entirely.  For you to think on.  (He was selling branding and marketing.  Use the terminology that suits your business.)

I want you to use them when you interview your suppliers AND when you prepare your own answers about your own business for your own potential customers.

  • Tell me about your background and why you decided to start your own business.
  • Tell me about your core skill sets and how your ‘economies of scale’ work.
  • Tell me about a couple of the successes you have had with developing branding and marketing for small business.
  • Tell me about how you are organised to service a business like mine, and the people who will help you do that.
  • Tell me what you know and think, in general terms, about my business.

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With the answers to these five deceptively simple questions, you will know immediately whether the potential supplier is a good fit for your organisation.  AND, the potential customer sitting across from you will immediately know why you are head and shoulders above your competition.

To your success!

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