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'Bee' by The Sugarcubes

The most passionate song about bees ever is 'Bee' by The Sugarcubes, very high on electrifying emotions expressed by Bjork. Hats off!

Who is it?

Who'll get the sting

Who'll get the stripes

Black and yellow

A dangerous creature

Chattering wings

Flashing antennae

Who is it?

It buzzes fine

The bee

Buzzes fine, stings deep

I play a frightened little game

I eject myself at scary speed

In front of cars and i go yeaah!

She is it

She's got the sting

She's dangerous

She stings

He gets stung

He is out

She gets the honey

She is it

She flies great

The bee

Flies great, stings deep

The cars freeze from fright,

When they see my beautiful body and tongue

Then I speed away but no one catches me.

I'm the fastest bee in town.

Oh, hot bee

Queen of heaven

With glossy trunk

Buzz to me

I want to be stung

I want to be out

Here is the honey

You're it

It stings deep

The bee

Stings deep, kills fast

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