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Being Paid to Shop

Always use items that are reusable rather than throw away. You'll find that doing these little things like using real cups and plates instead of paper or plastic throw away, and recycling containers for storage or even to use in craft projects, you can save a lot of money. Each by itself may seem minor, but when put together they can amount to tremendous savings over time.

Don't buy it if you won't use it. Things like small kitchen appliances, repair tools, and gardening tools are good examples. We know they'd make our life easier if we just had the opportunity to use them. Simplify your life and narrow it down to a couple you just can't live without like a can opener and coffee maker.

The above are examples of things you can do to save money on your quest to live to live the frugal lifestyle. I want to tell you about another frugal activity that can result in hundreds of dollars a year-rebates and coupons. I list both together, because using both, along with your weekly sales ad, is the best way to save money.

If you think this will take up time, you are correct, it will, but the time spent on this organization will be well worth it to you. An hour or two spent organizing your coupons and rebates and then using them at a store where there is a sale on, may save you hundreds of dollars a month on your food bill. You save money without sacrificing the quality of the food you purchase. The first few times getting organized will take some time, but stick with it and over time, you will find that your ability to get organized will become faster and easier. Think of applying your savings to yourself as an hourly wage, and you may find that you are paying yourself up to $30.00 an hour. Well worth it, I think.

Gather all your coupons-you have been clipping them, haven't you? Now check your weekly sales ads and see what items are on sale that you have coupons for. This done, check and see if the store offers double coupons. These are the stores you want to check first. Now go online and put in a search for rebates plus your product. Many will be printable.

This done, do your shopping and mail out your rebate forms, then sit back and relax. Oftentimes. You will find you actually come out ahead in this deal, as the rebate will be the price of the item before the use of the coupon

Being Paid to Shop
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Good advice. Thank you for sharing, Royce Shook.

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