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Biases can blind you to facts

We all have biases, some of which we are not even aware. If you are a creationist, you are biased against all the science that threatens creationism, but not that which benefits you, because you use and trust those. If you’re with the Pope’s acceptance of evolution “by God,” you will gravitate toward the confirmation bias that manipulates science to fit the Book of Genesis.

If you are biased in favour of big industry, you may criticize science only pertaining to global—warming data, but not the science of fossil fuel as energy.

If you love gun ownership, you will embrace the science of ballistics and explosives and only disagree with the science of death by gunfire statistics, and seek confirmation bias toward a political party that supports your wishes while not being acutely aware of the party’s motives; for example, getting funding from the NRA. You may also support this party regardless of its behaviour in other ways, depending on how strong your desire to own guns is.

Please notice: No matter what the bias is if it isn’t founded on evidence, it propagates by attacking science. This is the common denominator of wrong biases. That is because the pillar of logic and the center of truth is science, which must be defeated by all who misrepresent the truth.

If you believe that COVID is not a threat, you will discredit all the science that proves it is a threat, and believe only the science that supports your worldview. If you include, create, or believe lies, or twist science, to confirm your bias, you become part of the problem that’s gripping the world. Flat earth believers who are wise enough to use science are very bold liars indeed because they know exactly how they are misrepresenting the scientific disclosure they are using, forcing it to support their flat earth bias. 

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Fay Vietmeier

1 week ago #3

@Royce Shook 

Without question BIAS's blind us and bind us 

As I just mentioned on your cannabis post “our affections bribe our discernment” - a Puritan saying 

How priceless & precious is Truth & Wisdom

Everyone suffers from “full-cup syndrome"

Royce Shook

1 week ago #2

Thanks Alan, for the link

Alan Culler

1 week ago #1

Great thoughts, @Royce Shook 

This Visual Capitalist picture is a good summary of 18 coggnitive biases. They have a graphic of all 155 but my screen isn't big enough See

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