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Custom Jeans Benefits - Morii Jeans

To find out a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and appearance great can take an extended time, especially because different brands make and use different standard sizes and cuts. At Morii, we are now providing customized jeans with quality fabric, created within the color and weight of denim you would like and personalized during a range of the way, including the fly and design of pockets of your choice.

If you’re unsure about what you would like or which style would work best for your shape and appearance, we will chat through all the choices and show you samples of handmade jeans we’ve previously created. Simply visit our site and email to book a meeting with one of our style consultants, or head to our store to seek out more. Now, determine the main benefits of custom made jeans:

You will get whichever cut and pattern of jeans you want it may be skinny, regular, or bell-bottom cut.

Regular Fit
Generally, these are mid-rise and straight cut from knees to hem. These are the design of jeans that the majority of people wear and super comfortable. If you customize it then that comfort will be guaranteed.

A detail rarely discussed in the denim world is STI (stitches per inch). This is where you can determine the true quality of your jeans. Most mainstream manufacturers will use five to six stitches per inch.  At Morii Jeans, we stitch our jeans at top industry standards, ten stitches per inch. This will ensure the full longevity of your custom jeans. So if you like to wear your Morii Jeans daily (we won't blame you), you don't have to worry about seams ripping apart. Keep in mind that your stitching will only be as good as the quality of the thread that is used. That's why at Morii Jeans, we only use top-quality materials for constructing your jeans.

Custom Jeans give you the freedom to fit into your style. Whether it is skinny fit jeans, relaxed-fit jeans, or any other custom jeans for men. You can order and customize as per your choice. 

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