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Do you find yourself dwelling?

Do you find yourself dwelling on the unimportant, stressing on the unintended, and freaking over the unknown? When you do this does it work for you? I doubt it, dwelling on the unimportant, or freaking out over the unknown simply doesn't work. I know because when I was younger, I did this from time to time and I found it was like lighting a match, in a dark room, to make sure no one spilled any gunpowder on my bicycle, under the stairs, near the back porch, in the dark of February.

Actually, some of what I just said was intentionally unimportant, to hopefully distract you from feeling any stigma for freaking out over earlier unknowns.

Why do we think stressing on the unintended or freaking out over the unknown will work, perhaps it because it allows us to be distracted from doing something rather than doing nothing? If we attempt to do something and something unintended happens, this means we have not considered all aspects of our plan so we are now faced with something we had not thought of that has happened. One way to face this issue is to embrace it, learn from it and incorporate it into what we do next. The other way is to stress about it, run from it and reject it, or we could just stress about it and do nothing. The best way to prevent this from happening is to think about what you want to do and consider all possibilities and how you will react to them.

What does freaking out about the unknown do for you except to increase your blood pressure, your anxiety and cause grief for people around you? If you don’t know what is happening or there is an unknown confronting you, get information about it before you act. Asking questions is a good method and a good way to start to find out what is going on, try it, it works.

Dwelling on the unimportant things in your life is a coping mechanism to help you hide from dealing with the important aspects of your life. We all know what is important to us and we need to deal with these first. Do you find yourself dwelling?

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John Rylance

1 year ago #2

I try to act on the maxim of only worrying endlessly over things I have control over. Those I have no control over, I stress about for a while, then move on to things I can do something about.

Ken Boddie

1 year ago #1

All I can say, Royce, is “Don’t sweat the small stuff ... and it’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson. 👍

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