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Every picture tells a story

With time on my hands I have been digitising old slides, not slides of places but slides of people. We all know that it is not remarkable when looking back how images create feelings and transport us back to another time. Every picture tells a story don’t it  or says Rod Stewart

It is nice to remember the story around each picture as your mind fills in the details of a story only you may remember. When we look at old photos, it's obvious isn't it? We think we were good-looking back then. Really good-looking. Yet somehow, at the time, you didn't quite believe it. We were to busy doing life, living our story, bringing in people to fill in the plot lines that we wanted to create and live. Life was exciting and full of opportunity. Our children look at our old photo’s and sometime they will ask questions, other times the significance of the picture will be clear to them but sometimes they dismiss the picture, and with it the story and the feelings we had at the time. They are not being cruel or selfish, they are too busy living their own life and creating their own stories.

We learned from yesterday, because today we are even better looking and smarter than we were then. Way better. We are quick witted, too. Funnier. Wiser. More compassionate. Less serious. And we are totally sauntering!

We know we learn and grow, and we know that our children, our young will learn and grow and become better than they are today. Our thoughts, our wisdom, our understanding of life has or will be passed down to the next generation and one day they will be looking at old photos’ or videos or what ever technology has invented to help us preserve our stories. They will look back and think, every picture tells a story and they will be eager to share that story with the next generation.

Every picture tells a story

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