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“Has the world gone absolutely stark raving mad???! (or is it just ME?)”

“Has the world gone absolutely stark raving mad???! (or is it just ME?)”

   Note; This article originally posted here on Nov. 13, 2020

It's easier to fool people
than to convince them
that they have been fooled.


Mark Twain

This article is not intended to provide all the answers; all I’m doing is asking questions in the hope that it will spark the questions in you. As I state in my previous article I don’t expect you to take my word for anything, do the research, the information is out there. The ultimate question is, “Where’s the science?”

   A Buddhist teacher told me many years ago;

  “If everyone around you appears to be an asshole then the chances are it’s probably YOU”

  This sentiment has stuck with me since then and it is great for a “reality check”. It insures that I take a moment, (or several), to contemplate and introspect before I draw any conclusions and react. Needless to say I have done some serious pondering before writing this and after much introspection I am compelled to voice my thoughts and feelings here. This is my reality check…

  I recently wrote an article discussing the Coronavirus situation, published October 8 on a couple of platforms. It lasted 4 days on LinkedIn before they removed it. (????) I thought it was quite objective, I was very clear when I told everyone NOT to take my word for anything but to do their own research, I supplied ample documentation. The main thrust of the article was the simple question of, “Where is the science?” That is a good predecessor to this article and you can judge whether this is a violation of my right to free speech, (I will go into greater detail regarding our personal and civil rights shortly, and how they are being infringed upon); Here it is on a different platform;


 I have been told that my previous article is a little “lengthy”, and I’m trying to keep this one as concise as possible but for anyone who cares about their personal rights, civil liberties and freedom it can never be too lengthy. We are at war! without the courtesy of even hearing the gunshots or flashes of bombs. It is insidious, brutal and destructive psychological warfare with our basic human rights, liberties and freedom at stake. Wouldn’t you want to get as much information as possible with such high stakes?

  I would like to offer an insight into me; I’m 60, have traveled the globe, been blessed with a very rich and full life filled with more experiences than most people could hope to jam into 2 lifetimes; I’m happy and content. While I find the present situation of the way the COVID-19 situation is being communicated to us and dealt with is alarming, disconcerting and criminal, nothing compares to the fear that I feel for my 5 year old grandson; What kind of a world are we allowing to evolve for him to grow up in? He is defenseless and innocent and I’m going to fight to my last breath to rectify this travesty that is occurring right now.If I don’t fight for him no one else will. Is this really the direction that we want our world going in for our grandchildren to inherit?

A lie can travel


the world while

Pg eT

Here are some facts to begin with before we carry on, (documentation for these are in previous mentioned article and sources section of this article);

-         The PCR test that everyone uses, which has been referred to as “The Gold Standard” for testing for COVID is totally flawed. It is neither reliable nor specific for COVID-19. There is plenty of documentation to substantiate this including testimony from the inventor/developer of the PCR test, Dr. Kary Mullis, (Nobel winner for Chemistry), who emphatically states that it is totally inappropriate for diagnosis of COVID; it is not what it was designed for, (so why are we using it and why is everyone believing it?)

-         https://www.bitchute.com/video/8ulmyJbfkmXg/

-         The statistics have been blatantly and grossly manipulated and/or fabricated. Realistically this is an “average “ flu season

-         The fear mongering being generated by mainstream media, controlled by the PTB, (“Powers that be”), is unethical, malevolent and coercive with the intent to CONTROL. Every day this week, while writing this article and since the vaccine announcement came out we’ve been BOMBARDED! Every day is a “Record breaking” day in Ontario, Quebec. Manitoba has moved into the “Red Zone” for the next 4 weeks, we are being absolutely blasted! Why the rise? We’ve been flooded with tests, everyone is getting tested but the test is FLAWED!

It was a couple of days ago, Monday, October 9, when the BIG headlines came out about the NEW “COVID-19 Vaccine”;





 Are you kidding me!!!???

If you don’t read the
newspaper you are

uninformed, if you do
read the newspaper
you are misinformed.

- Mark Twain

  I have some SERIOUS problems with this. My first thought was, “Wow, they’ve been priming the world, US, you and I, for the last 9 months just for this occasion. Talk about a marketing coup. Next thought, “How auspicious that this announcement comes on the FIRST “Business Day” following the announcement of the results of the U.S. federal election. Coincidence? I highly doubt that. The same day as that announcement the CEO of Pfizer, (The pharmaceutical company that made the announcement), Albert Bourla, sells over $5,000,000 of his stock in the company, (according to the article, (see “sources”). the transaction is legal but do you think it’s moral? Think about the HELL that we have ALL been going through for the last 9 months, and this guy is getting rich off of that),. My next thought; this was not a scientific foundation or medical group that made this announcement; this is BIG Business. The article even states that the deal with governments to supply this “wonder vaccine” is worth billions, and worth a lot more than just the “test kits”, (remember they are very FLAWED test kits), that they have been supplying for the last 9 months.

  Don’t misunderstand; I’m not anti-vaccine, (although I’m leaning more in that direction with every day that goes by). There is a place for them although there are some serious drawbacks with some and there have been some serious issues with some, throughout history. A vaccine needs years to properly develop and test.  (More on vaccine information to follow).

  Just to add something here we’ve been living with viruses for the last 300,000 years, (the duration off Modern man),, and our ancestors going back to Homo Habilis over 2.5 million years ago and we are still here today, without vaccines. The first vaccine was created around 1800, for smallpox, and yes it did/does have a place in our medicine. However vaccines are not the “end all and be all” of our medical woes or practices. (or are they really woes? Like I said we’re still here, right? We’ve survived this long, probably due to our constant battles against viruses and bacteria unaided), in most cases screwing around with nature usually backfires on us.

  As I read the articles I became even more astounded as I read that they stated“90% effectiveness”. Again; are you kidding me???!!! How can you make a claim like that when you can’t even diagnose the virus accurately?

I would like to reiterate that I’m not denying that there is COVID-19, it is here BUT it is just another seasonal Flu, and this is just an “average” flu season. 2015 was a far worse flu season and yet there were no lockdowns or other mandated protocols, nor was there a frantic search for a “wonder vaccine”. Are we going to have to go through this every flu season? It is a very dangerous precedent. What happens when we actually do get a real pandemic? I’m reminded of the story, “The boy who cried “Wolf!”

  Our personal and civil rights are being encroached upon to a greater degree every day. The American 1st amendment guarantees “Freedom of speech” yet there seems to be an incredible rise in censorship, (my previous article and many of its sources as a prime example, along with a multitude of other material, perspectives and “opinions”).

 May 1, 2020, the U.S. passed bill HR6666, very quietly, which basically renders the 4th amendment null and void. (see “sources”)

  We are allowing the PTB to mandate and implement protocols and actions on us all in the name of “Public Safety” but again I have to repeat that none of these actions have any basis on FACTS.

So where is all of this heading?

  I don’t know but here’s some feedback from some very smart people, (a lot smarter than myself which I don’t mind telling you), in my social circle, people that I trust a lot more than what I’m seeing and reading on mainstream media and the “experts” that they are putting forth. I must point out that these perspectives and comments were not solicited by me for this article; I simply forwarded documentation that I had found to them with the question of, “What do you think about this?” It was these responses, (along with a mountain of other information), that prompted me to write this.

  First is my friend Dr. Ian Weinberg whom I quoted extensively in my first article, he has a series of related and very relevant articles for which I will list the links for, he has forecast  many of the things that are happening today; I really listen to what he has to say. Here’s his response to the news of the vaccine;

Hi Randy

Things stink to high heaven. Check out the conversation that I’ve just had with Harvey Loyd on my article ‘’Endgame’ on LI. It really is happening. My personal issue is that reading between the lines, it looks as though the Aussies are going to demand vaccinations for entry. There is no ways that I’m going to have a vaccination in the face of having had Covid with documented antibodies. So a showdown looms for me in 2021 - seeing the kids versus a vaccination showdown.”

 Here’s a message I just received from Ian now, (!2:30, Nov. 12)

  “Randy this is how mindlessly crazy this has gone - I’m having to convince my own colleagues of the fact that I have immunity to damn Covid since I was clinically ill, had 2 positive PCR’s and antibodies confirmed. This mass expunging of all pre-frontal cortex activity has even cleared away the understanding of the validated fundamentals of immunology! I’m being warned that I’ll need to be VACCINATED to boost my immunity ... by senior physicians!!! Mindless insanity.”

  Here are Ian’s articles; it’s a little scary how accurate his predictions are coming about;








   These are some messages from Joyce Bowen and following are some of her expert articles on vaccines, (they are frightening);

  “It’s never been about the virus, it’s always been about control”

  “They are calling it a vaccine because it's what people want to hear. It's not a vaccine but genetic modification. It's so out there that they had to get a separate indemnification for the shot which our governments everywhere approved. Macron, of France, is even talking about mandating 'genetic forcing' of humans. It was something reserved for plants and animals…”

Here are Joyce’s very informative and relevant articles;








  This article by Joyce is an eye-opener looking at the sociological/political aspects of our present circumstances from a historical perspective, the roots that have brought us to today;


 An issue that has not been addressed is the psychological aspects and the connection to our physical health; does anyone actually realize how unhealthy this situation is to all of us, (I’m not talking about the virus)? Here is a very insightful piece by my contact Gerald Hecht, Developmental Neuropharmacologist, (Another highly intelligent person in my arsenal), “Another Pandemic: Conditioning of Innate Neuroimmune Responses in the Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis”. The frightening aspect of this is that it is happening to ALL of us;


  Here’s another interesting article that Gerald forwarded to me yesterday;


  Here’s the message I received from Ross Donison DMD whom I quoted extensively in the last article. This response from Monday, Nov. 9 reacting to the vaccine announcement;

  “No surprise that a vaccine is coming along. Big deal. But here’s my thoughts.... what’s big deal about another flu vaccine? It’s just another flu, after all. And this is a vaccine. Great way for the pharm co’s to make a huge pile of money because EVERYONE is going to want it, and those who don’t are likely going to be forced to have proof that they got it in order to travel internationally, and guys like me in healthcare are likely going to be forced to have it in order to practice. That’s the problem I have... it’s what will likely be enforcement of the vaccine, to ensure that everyone gets it. Great scam... create panic, offer solution and a high price, create rules that ensure it’s not optional.


So they have a vaccine that’s 90% effective against a flu that 99.96% of people who are infected survive with no issues. Why is this even a thing???”


  Finally we come to Harvey Lloyd, highly intelligent but also one of the sharpest and most insightful “critical thinkers” that I know. There are many interactions on Dr. Ian Weinberg’s articles, (which I have listed). I think that it’s Harvey’s insights and perspectives that scare me the most, because he’s always on the bullseye. This message to me from Oct. 21 when we were discussing some documentation I sent to him regarding the Government of Canada’s plans to build “Isolation/quarantine camps” and also the state of the world;

“During the reformation a very serious vacuum formed in the power structure of Europe. The Catholic Church which essentially was the government lost its power. Philosophers, aristocrats and various other thinkers were all vying to fill the power gap. From this we got powerful philosophers that placed a huge hand print in the future. Kant, Neicheze, Hume and the one with the most influence in western culture John Locke

From this was born the postmodern experiment. This experiment dabbled in socialism and communism as presented by Karl Marx. The big failure of Russia and Germany set them back into a corner. Yes there is even a longer version to this background, i will spare you the details.

The story of post modern thinking rested until about the fifties and then the aristocrats once again began to engineer societies into their image. Not God's image but rather their personal thoughts on who individuals needed to be.

Add Internet and the educational system. In conjunction with Branding or better known as psychological warfare, the Post Modernist is now fully empowered.

Now to your question.

Yes i believe the premise of the release is true. Is the authenticity of the document real, who knows. Identity politics, is removing the individual from the landscape and placing relevitism from group needs against the individual. This is a mouthful, but give it some thought and you will see that you are wrong or right based on what group you are in, relieving you of individual freedoms.

Is the government really doing this, ABSOLUTELY. I need not research as i witness the development of branded groups and the fact that private and public policies are being built around these groups. But there is a huge issue with the plan. Money. Governments that break the will of the people through taxation typically fail.

Covid offered the perfect cover of introducing the hero to the people, government. We are going to save you but we need to take some of your rights from you to do it. Universal income, healthcare and separating those who don't agree are all part of the plan.

But don't be fooled these plans come with genuine belief that this is the answer, the education system has taught them this new paradigm. Socialism and communism work, the first time around bad people were involved, we are not like them.

This is where the background info is so important, we know every human is capable of great depravity. Stalin and Hitler used identity politics to separate and divide people, then said they could save them. But the plans broke down when money was not owned by the state. You know the rest. They came for everything.

I think we need to be very clear, those with money and power are making decisions for the individual via group identity. This directly interferes with my hopes of self determination.

Do i believe in the authenticity of the document, unknown. But that question is really a red herring. The real question is are my individual freedoms being assaulted? Unequivocally, YES. Observation demonstrates the trend and adds to the level of belief that governments are using covid as cover for progressive policies.

Sorry for the long winded answer, but it is a complex social issue dating back to the 1700's in origin and even further with the power vacuum created by the fall of the Catholic Church within Government.

My personal opinion is that the Divine Grace offered the individual by God is under assault. Our founding documents acknowledge these rights by using the term inalienable rights. You are born with them and they are not distributed by the state. They are to be protected by the state.”

  And this message from Harvey yesterday, Nov. 11, talking about the announcement of the COVID vaccine;

  “I believe that Covid is a construct by forces we dont understand. I also believe the covid construct is in play in the hearts of the people. Either negative or positive. Unless some overwhelming smoking gun is shown we will have to play through the game presented.

  Although the vaccine terrifies me. It is part of the endgame of the construct. My fear is from Flying, cruise ships education and other high risk activities we will now be require a Vaccine license. A piece of paper or credit cad identification. This has not shown up yet but seems a logical extension of being safe. We will be branded. Government will now officially have what google has.”

  Is anyone out there terrified yet??? You should be!!! Our way of life is being threatened!

Doc, | can't smell anything with tRis P.P.E.

WE NEED TO WAKE UP! We’ve been wearing these stupid masks for so long we are unable to smell the bullshit that is piling up higher and deeper by the day. This is my reality check; Are my instincts, thoughts and feelings correct? Or have I gone absolutely stark raving mad???

Happy Cooking Everyone!

  For anyone who is interested in what I sound like here is a link to a podcast that I did with Nicci Robertson that she released today.(Nov.12) We are discussing my previous article and the COVID scenario; (It was a lot of fun)



Further reading and sources


Bill 6666



Nick Hudson on bogus Covid-19 narratives: long Covid, vaccines, lockdown, masks. All nonsense?



  Canadian isolation/quarantine camps? They look more like detention centers complete with barbed wire.




  Pfizer CEO selling stock


CDC paper on PRC testing


  Virus testing;



 This is a must read!


Doctor's petition,



 "Crimes against Humanity"



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