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Hillary had suggested a solution for droning Julian Assange - Wiki!

Clinton's State Department was gerting pressure
From President Obama and his MRile Mouse inner
free, an well an heads of state
internationally, to try and cutoff Assange’s
Gelivery of the cables and i that effort
Failed, then to forge a strategy fo minimize the
administration's public eabar:asseent over he
ontents of the cables ence, Clinton's early
morning November menting of State's top brass
who Tloated various proposals to stop, slow or
Apin the Wikileaks contamination Thal ix when a
Frustrated Clinton, sources said, at some point
blurted out a controversial query




“Can“t wm Just drone This guy?” Clinton opealy
1AQUITed. offering a simple ‘emedy Co silence
Assange and smother Wikileaks via a planned
military drone strike. according to State

Copar tannt sources The statement ree laughter
From the room which quickly died off when Che
Secretary kept talking in a Lerse manner
sources said Clinton said Assange, after all,
was a relalively soft target. -walking around”
Freely and thumbing his nose without any Tear of
repr ivals from the United States

What a human rights activist!

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