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Hostinger Web Hosting: A Conclusive Guide (

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You may know that Hostinger is made a huge name in the web hosting segment on the internet. It is one of the best hosting providers out there.

Would it be perfect for your business/website too?

Taking your business online is easy when you have the right resources, knowledge, and definitely the right Hosting.

Very often it becomes very difficult to choose the right web hosting service provider with the price being the major factor while making a decision.

In this guide, I’m going to help you with all that you need to know about Hostinger and why choosing web hosting is not difficult at all.


A little about Hostinger

Hostinger is considered to be one of the cheapest website hosting in the market. The Company was started in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2004 which was initially named Hosting media, and was renamed Hostinger in 2011 now having several plans such as WordPress hosting, VPS, Minecraft, Cloud, cPanel web hosting, and Shared web hosting. It has several subsidiaries where one of them gives you an option to host a website for free. However free has its own downsides. 

According to Wikipedia, Hostinger is considered to be one of the fastest-growing web hosting services including in India. 

What other plans does Hostinger provide?

They also have Email plans such as Google Workspace and Titan Email Hosting, Domain purchase & domain transfer.

Hosting changed their server from Apache HTTP to LiteSpeed Web Server to increase the performance of the server.

Hostinger has data centers among the major cities of the world.


1.  Brazil
2. Indonesia
3. Lithuania
4. The Netherlands
5. Singapore, Asia Server
6. United Kingdom
7. United States


The benefits of getting Hosting are:
1. SSD storage: 
Solid State Drive has low latency and fast processing capability making your websites load even faster than the HDD drives which is very good considering the fact that this is one of the requirements to rank your website higher in the search results resulting in more organic customers. No slowness results in less bounce rates. Visitors usually bounce off the page when there is a high loading time. That’s what I would do.

2. Free Domain:
Hostinger gives you a free domain when you purchase hosting from them. Domains are usually expensive depending upon the TLDs(Domain extensions  such as .com, .in)
However, while purchasing hosting for a longer tenure Hostinger allows you to choose a domain name of your choice. You do not have to spend on a domain separately.

3. Free SSL:
SSL is very needed in today’s time where most of the websites are being hacked and data is being retrieved from the website by the hackers. SSL is a Secure Socket Layer that encrypts the data that is being sent via the Internet. It ensures that your data is protected and authenticated every time someone enters your website. It is very necessary to have an SSL integrated with your website. This is another aspect that you have to meet in order to rank on Google.

4. 24/7/365 Support:
Hostinger provides great support and they have a very highly knowledgeable technical support team supporting you with every query that you have starting with WordPress(Managed WordPress). They do not have Phone support however they respond to you within 30 minutes and if you miss out on the support on the chat you will be notified over the email and if you have any further questions you could reply back there.

5. Storage space:
With the basic plan, you would get 30Gb which is more than enough for your website as with the basic plan itself you get to host 1 website. However, 30GB is more than enough to have your entire website started.


Let’s admit the fact that server performance plays a major role in Google ranking and it does affect SEO. People want solutions to their problems as quickly as possible, which means they want the website they visit to be faster, which is likely to see those visitors coming back to your website. Having a low performance is really going to affect you in the long run unless you get it fixed right away. Most Likely the images and javascript are going to take much longer than the other content so make sure you serve those images well in order to improve the user experience which means less bounce rate.
Well, it is a very good thing that Hostinger does a really good job when it comes to performance.

SSD storage, 99.9% uptime, and cache manager.

Hostinger has their data publicly showing the status of every function and also a subscription option to get all the updates about the downtime and uptime of all the functions. 

The picture below shows uptime for the recent months. Click here for the image

According to the above report, it was 3 times the hosting server did not keep up with the uptime. That is hardly about 30-45 minutes a month.

Server uptime means the duration that the server is up and running. It is recommended that your server has 100 uptime, however, due to some maintenance done at the server end and technical glitches, there might be downtime on the server due to which the uptime would be affected. Also since it is a shared server there are certain factors that are limited such as RAM, entry processes, connection restrictions. If one or 2 users on the same server are abusing the resources given to them it is likely that the server would not handle the load. But don’t make hold yourself back from it as they keep up with their promises.

What are the Hostinger terms of service over the downtime?

Hostinger Review: Hostinger Server Response Time

Now coming to the part that you are really interested and curious about. The website speed.
Yes, You really need to have a fast, responsive, and not so laggy website in order to retain your visitors and reduce the bounce rates. You really want to give your visitors a good speed. 

It’s the World of 4G’s and 5G’s guys. Everyone expects a good speed. No one wants to wait till your website is fully loaded. 
Most of the internet users are on Mobile. We have been there. If I do not like a website that loads within 2 – 3 seconds I just close it. 

According to thinkwithgoogle the average mobile webpage takes 15.3  seconds to load! That’s way too long… That’s a bad impression on your website if it takes that long and they are not likely to come back which is a loss for your business.

This is the result of 2 websites hosted on Hostinger.

The above results speak for themselves. Being below 180 seconds for all the locations is a pretty good result for a website. You are getting an average of 82ms of across the world. Solid isn’t it?

However, these results would change if you keep making more customizations. Fear not, optimize the changes, you are good to go.

Let’s look at the next test website. 

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