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How can I be frugal?

Buy everyday items you use in bulk. Buy the biggest package you can find, which gives you the most for the money. 

Cut out most frozen foods. Some frozen foods make sense, like buying frozen bread dough. It is cheaper to buy three or four unbaked loaves together than to buy one loaf of bread in the bread section. You can dress up frozen bread dough by rolling it out, brushing it with butter and spreading cinnamon-sugar. Just roll it back up and bake. Voila, you have cinnamon bread. Throw in raisins or pecans for variety.

Buy fewer convenience foods, and more staples like dry beans, rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, milk and butter (store brand.) Buy food in bulk when possible. Forego the nicely packaged pre-made honey butter, mashed potatoes, or other prepared foods. 

Eat out less. If you must eat restaurant food, get the whole meal as a take-out. That saves you from buying pricey mixed drinks, paying gratuities, and buying that fancy dessert you couldn't live without but didn't need.

Instead of going to the theatre, buying popcorn and expensive tickets in prime time, stream it or watch it on NetFlix later. Maybe the movie won't be "new" when you see it, but you will save a bunch of money. Call the museum or zoo and see if there are any price discounts for certain days of the week.

If you need to buy clothes, avoid any that need to be dry cleaned only. During tough times, shy away from outfits that have special care needs. Go for anything that can be thrown in the washer and dryer.

Use the car less. This is obvious but worth mentioning. Combine trips, so you aren't wasting gas. If your car doesn't require high-octane gas, forget about it. Regular works fine. To save even more money, use public transportation.

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