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How to build multivendor marketplace platform

The Multivendor Marketplace platform helps Vendors to Market their Products directly to their customers in Online, even do business globally.
The marketplace lead activities(all promotions) handled by the admins and for every transaction, they will get a commission. E-Commerce Software
includes all types of business like C2C, B2C, and B2B platforms. Zielcommerce is a hassle-free best Multi-vendor Marketplace platform, you can 
create best Multivendor Marketplace software that suitable for any business and increase your product sales generate high ROI. 

Two ways to build a multi-vendor website, You can either choose a “readymade marketplace software” or you can go for “custom development“.

Better compare with both methods, will help you to decide how to develop Multi-vendor software:
1.Readymade Marketplace Software.

Vendor Super Admin

J 4 I

Vendor Dashboard Aggregator /




Vendor Mobile App

Readymade software gives instatnt solution , if you plan to start online business. the readymade scripted multivendor site is well-developed
and done with all kind of testings with developing experts.

2.Custom Marketplace Software.

Custom marketplace needs particular time for creating the software.Huge investment is needed to build a customized application.
each and every features developed with client requirements, more patience is needed to get the perfect product.

Multi-Faceted ECommerce Website Business Models:

B2C - Business to Consumers:
In B2C business they sell products to their End-Users directly. B2C is normal form of business, termed as more than online retailing.
and B2C does not only includes product delivery but also services they do provide. B2C including banking services, Travel services,
Health services and many more.

B2B - Business to Business:
In B2B business they sell their products or services to any other business. here buyer is the End-User and he re-sells to Consumer.
B2B business is the long-range sales cycle with higher-order value and more effective purchases. B2B have more chance to get improved in 
their niche markets.

C2C - Consumers to Consumers:
In C2C business they exchange their products and services, will do earn by money transaction or listing fees. online business like OLX is
the best example,  C2C businesses benefit from self-propelled growth by their own effective sellers and customers. facing quality control and technology maintenance is quite difficult. 

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