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How you can help in your community during this time.

Food Bank Donations

Food Donations are down & Demand is up. The food bank needs canned meats, canned tuna & salmon, pork & beans, rice, & other non-perishable items--or better yet--Cash, as this is better for their buying power.

Donate Blood Our hospitals still need blood supply for regular operations. Do a google search for Blood Donations in your area to find a location. In Canada go to https://blood. Challenge your family members to give blood.

Stay at home and clean surfaces at home

Wash your hands often

Physical distance while staying in touch. Keep social contact with family & friends by phone or video, or facetime.

Beware of the many COVID-19 Frauds & Scams out there now.

Don’t go stir crazy. Use the time to learn a new hobby; Take a look at YouTube videos to learn new skills; Make a list of inspirational quotes; Do a puzzle or read a book; watch movies on Netflix or Crave; or clean out some closets, Start a garden, Clean out your storage space or garage; Write, Read, and try to enjoy the luxury of the time you have with family.

Keep in touch with family, friends, & neighbours. My neighbours meet every day, making sure they keep the social distance required by the pandemic.

Be nice. Stay Calm and Smile.

Send an e-flower bouquet to a friend to say Hi! & then to more friends.

Be a volunteer to help seniors in and others who are isolated in your community. Deliver groceries, phone people.

What other ideas do you have to help out in your community?

How you can help in your community during this time.

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