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Just say 'yes' to 'no'.

Just say 'yes' to 'no'.


No sooner had I thought to myself “I have to stop being so cynical” when a little demon popped on my shoulder and whispered, “Ah, but there is so much material to work with.”

Positive thinking has gotten us nowhere. Forgive me for being pessimistic but we are on the brink of extinction. The billionaires want to spend money to take a joy ride into space? No problem. Make it a one way ticket. The west has spent more money supporting and subsidizing fossil fuel industries through the pandemic than it has on generating green technologies. The only democratic super power is well on its way to autocratic rule supported by people who have forgotten and/or ignore the separation of church and state and why that is important. There are those in that country who would and do support turning the country into a Christian (I’ll get to that in a minute) version of ISIS.

I am tired of keeping my mouth shut about this in fear of offending people I viewed as friends who support Trump. Those people are either stupid, evil or both. For what he has done in and to his country he would have been executed in many countries around the world. Forget going to jail. Executed.

Most religions have a strong foothold in brutality and barbarism and that includes Christianity. Look up how the term ‘heretic’ came to be. Burning witches, I mean seriously. And the Christian Right now is a political force often referred to as the GOP. That movement started under Reagan. And look what happens to you if you don’t tow the party line. Liz Cheney is a genuine defender of the American Constitution and look where that got her. I think better of her father just because of her. At least a little. And today, George Bush looks like a saint only he like many true Republican patriots is in a burning bush.

The world can’t get its collective merd together about global vaccinations and look what’s happening as a result. Polio? Global vaccines all but

Eradicated the disease. The disease killing us today? Unfettered greed. We toss away the elderly, many who fought and risked their lives to defend democracy and we eat our young by destroying the planet they need to live a full and healthy life. Like we have.

Yes, this is a rant. Yes, I am angry. Mostly angry at myself for keeping my mouth shut and not taking on the planet destroyers head on. I have probably offended many Christian friends I don’t mean to offend you and I would be happy to discuss Christianity if you have an open mind and have read more about Christ in history than in populist fiction otherwise known as the Bible.

My mother was a self proclaimed atheist and asked me a question when I was maybe between 6 and 8. I remember the street we were walking down when she asked it: “If there is a God, explain the Holocaust.” Of course, as an 8 year old I was not equipped to answer that question.

I have thought a lot about her atheism and just recently it occurred to me that she was not. There was too much anger in her on the topic. I just think she was angry with whatever she was taught god was.

As for me? I just think we are part of the energy spectrum. And you can’t destroy energy you can only change its form. There’s your life after death for you.

Oh, dear, dear, dear. I really should stay on my meds. And get out of bed and have some coffee. Maybe that will help.


Robert Cormack

1 year ago #2

Well, Bill, you've joined the cranky, crusty old men who keep saying, “I don't give a shit,” but we do or we wouldn't be writing here. Be prepared for the offended and the offhanded. Years ago (say, four), you could carry on an argument for days. Now, we just go have a nap. Welcome, anyway.

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #1

I've never encountered someone who voiced views so contradictory to mine, yet admired nevertheless (I'm a theist). Yes, we are all part of the energy spectrum but cutting-edge research in this energy depicts the presence of geometric patterns as complexity in a system increases. How do these come about? Is are they just random? What about the zero-point-energy (ZPE) which is supposed to live in the vacuum, where entropy is at its maximal values, thereby eliminating any potential, according to Thermodynamics? So many questions, so few answers. But you do have a point about those worshiping this or the other politician like a Messiah of sorts. And most importantly, I do enjoy the elegance of your post, which in its simplicity, manages to deliver the message in terms that cannot be misinterpreted easily. Cheers!

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