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Let's Rebuild The Hive

Let's Rebuild The Hive

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I walked past an old tree a few weeks ago and it was surrounded by a swarm of bees that nest in the tree. Last spring, I saw the same thing at the same tree. When the hive gets over crowded, and a second queen is hatched, some bees leave the nest and have to find a new home. At least that鈥檚 what I think is going on. I鈥檓 hardly an expert on bees.

I do see some similarities with beBee, however. The hive became over crowded with bees that were not the most productive, so they had to go. Now that we have more space, we can grow more efficiently and build a thriving community.

So, enough of the bee metaphors. Because I am such a pragmatic person, I鈥檒l give you all some suggestions for making the most of beBee so we can rebuild this wonderful social platform and quickly turn it into the beautiful thing it was always intended to be.

Create High Quality Content:聽By high quality content, I mean actually create a post that is your own and has some educational or entertainment value to the reader. Consider writing humorous articles, educational, or philosophical pieces, or even short stories or poetry. They can be political in nature, or not. It really doesn鈥檛 matter. What does matter is length and originality. I strive for at least 500 words per post but typically aim for upwards of 750.聽

Join and Create Groups: I find it most useful to have group names that are subject oriented. This way, it is easier to figure out which group is most suited to your content.聽

Only Post Relevant Content in Groups:聽One of the big problems beBee previously faced was that none of the groups contained content that was relevant to its members. That was partly because some of the group names were obscure and partly because nobody policed the content. Be considerate of the purpose of each group and people will find your content more easily.

Group Owners Should Delete Irrelevant Content: I don鈥檛 believe this was a feature on the old version of beBee, but it is now, so if content is not posted in your language preference or if it is irrelevant to the group, you can simply delete it and politely let the content owner know that you did so and why.聽

Respect Freedom of Speech:聽As a group owner you could probably delete the content of anyone who disagrees with you, but in the name of free speech, we should deal with other鈥檚 opinions diplomatically. Don鈥檛 engage in inflammatory conversations. Choose to ignore that which irritates you. Content without comments get noticed less than content with activity. Since beBee values freedom of speech and chooses to differentiate itself from other social media platforms in this way, then we should learn to get along with others and allow free speech to flow.聽

Share content vigorously with your followers:聽Sharing is caring. Share your own content and the content of others to other platforms and with your following on beBee.

Invite People to Join beBee:聽Word of mouth marketing is very powerful. We can all grow beBee if we invite our friends and business following from other platforms to join us on beBee.聽

Follow New People:聽Encourage newcomers by following them and engaging in conversations with them. If they post something, give them support by commenting and sharing. One of the things that makes beBee so terrific is the quality of people who use the platform, so let鈥檚 maximize the power of what we are good at by doing more of it.聽

Any other suggestions? Leave a comment below!


Ren茅e 馃悵 Cormier

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Ken Boddie

1 year ago #4

Yep, Ren茅e

All good stuff, 

And it鈥檚 more than enough 

For bees to thrive, 

In a brand new hive. 

Jim Murray

1 year ago #3


Ren茅e 馃悵 Cormier

1 year ago #2

Nice post and good advice @Ren茅e  馃悵 Cormier. If one has a blog, whether WordPress or another platform, you can add a widget promoting beBee. I have one in my sidebar with a cute little bee that links to my beBee profile.

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