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Livestreaming for Free with CameraFi Live | Tool brought to you by Stephan J.Metral

Live streaming for Free with CameraFiΒ 

© CamerakFiLIVE

How to live stream through YouTube
with CameraFi Live

CameraFi Live β„’ allows you to stream live to YouTube and Facebook using not only your smartphone's camera, but also a USB camera

1) Broadcast your events anytime, anywhere with CameraFi Live.

You can invite your club members, family and friends, to watch your video live.

Live videos are automatically saved and you can also set the privacy settings of the stream to watch the video alone or just friends, which allows the application to be applied in several areas.

2) professional video quality

Supports external camera connectivity

Capable of transmitting high-quality videos live with sharp shots and zoom using high-performance USB cameras (camcorder, DSLR, drone, etc.). In addition, you can use both hands freely during transmission or for a different shot using a portable camera or a miniature camera.

3) Easy video editing in real time.

With the video change function, users can choose between several video sources or transmit different video sources simultaneously through the PIP function (image in image... "Image in an image"). In addition, users can overlay images and text, add subtitles and apply filters to the transmission. With the Collage feature, users can also stream 360-degree VR video by connecting the camera to their 360-degree smartphones.

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Dear Alberto \ud83d\udc1d de la Torre como estas? Apologies for the broken link, it is fixed now. You can join MybeBeeTV and post here too, be my guest!
always here for friends..right..I am so grateful to have you as an esteemed colleague here on beBee!
THank you Carlos Ribeiro, feel free to share with followers and your favorite hives! Do you plan to use it for your social media live appearances?
Link of Facebook is down? stephan metral \ud83d\udc1d Innovative Brand Ambassador ?
Not yet...As soon as I can! Thaks!!!
Gracias Alberto \ud83d\udc1d de la Torre! Did you downlaod it?

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