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Maximize Your USP and Drive Sales Skyward!

Maximize Your USP and Drive Sales Skyward!

Does your business have a unique selling proposition (USP)? It should. Not only do all businesses need a way to distinguish themselves from their competition, but they also need to be able to let people know what makes them special. Social media gives us an excellent platform to educate our customers and influence their decisions without making them feel pressured or uncomfortable. The trick is to come up with content that inspires action.

I drive a lot of business my way by maximizing my use of content through social media. Here are a few interesting things you can do to tell the world about your unique selling proposition and increase sales.

Case Studies: Case studies are an excellent way to let prospective customers know how your process works and what sets you apart from the competition. There is nothing like a few real life examples of how you created successful results for customers to build credibility and stir genuine interest. When you present your study, make sure you address the pain your client had and the relief you provided. Check out my  post about case studies to learn how to make them more interesting to read.

Landing Page: If you can connect an offer to your USP, landing pages will allow you to generate more quality leads than the contact form on your website.  Did you know that a well-designed landing page can easily convert 10% more leads than an average landing page? The best part is that the leads you get from your landing page will be more likely to buy from you. Keep the most important information at the top of your page and make sure visitors don’t have to scroll to read. Check out this post from Inbound Marketing Agents to learn more about how to create a great landing page.

Twitter Polls: Polls are relatively new to Twitter, but they offer a great opportunity for you to fine tune your USP. If your customers don’t really care about your USP, then it is not going to help increase your business. Use Twitter Polls to measure the strength of your offering or to test out a new offer. Use other forms of social media to help drive traffic to your poll. Be sure to pin the poll to the top of your profile page to keep track of the results.

Video: Video offers many advantages to marketers. A full day shoot can be broken down into several one minute segments that are very social media friendly, giving you a lot of bang for your buck and several opportunities to promote the benefits of your product or service. My friend, Erick Nettel of Nettel Media is a genius when it comes to making clever corporate videos. If your company’s USP is a little quirky, then you could definitely end up with some very memorable video content.

Contests: Create a Facebook Fanpage and use it as an opportunity to run a contest around why people love your product/ company. You may discover that you have even more to offer than you think. This is also a great way to test the importance of your USP or to discover an even better one.

Some companies, like TOMS Shoes , have USP’s that are extremely unique, while others have only stated what the competition never has. As long as you are offering people a compelling reason to buy from you, your USP should be able to get you more customers. Using some of the tips I have provided above will give you that extra edge to generate more leads and drive sales skyward. Good luck!

Renée Cormier is a Public Relations & Communications professional located in Burlington, Ontario. She is passionate about business and the power of content marketing. Her other specialties include strategic planning, branding & positioning, reputation management, media relations, social media, presentations & speeches, copy writing, and media training. Need help with your PR or Marketing? We provide quality work at very reasonable prices! 

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Renée 🐝 Cormier

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Thank you very much Ali Anani!

Ali Anani

6 years ago #2

Renee Cormier- a great buzz and I emphasize my belief that you need to be different FIRST to be noticed out of the crowd and then be distinguished to deserve the opportunity that being different offers. It is important than when a bee writes about the need to be different, she does that with differentiation to gain credibility. You did Renee and I salute you

Renée 🐝 Cormier

6 years ago #1

Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD are you a buzzy bee, today?

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