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MurMarketing Case Histories

Welcome to my Case Histories page, where you will find details on a number of projects I have done over the over the years, including the results these projects were able to achieve.
MurMarketing Case HistoriesCase Histories

Ford of Canada - Mustang 30° Anniversary 2
The Cruise Professionals - New Market Launch 3
Andres Wines - Peller Estates Launch 4
Fuji Graphic Systems - New Division Launch 5
John Mastromonaco - Branding Campaign 6
Kaufman Footwear - 4 Years of Creative Management 7
R.G. Shelley Ltd. - Corporate Re Branding 8
The Mutual Group - Branding Evolution 9

Interior Dimensions - New Services & Branding Development 10

CIBC DoubleCheque - New Product Launch 11

Fry's Cocoa — Brand Revitalization Program 12
Peel Scrap Metal Recycling - Brand Identity Development 13
Mura rkeding)

Jim Murray, Creative Director
Phone: 289 687-3476 + Email jim@onandup ca + Skype Jimbobmuré

Strategically Focused, Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed Communications.Ford of Canada
Mustang 30" Anniversary


Ongunally began as a proposed 30 murate retrospective on the Mustang
phenomenon. to commemorate the 30th annuversary of the Mustang and to
help launch the 1994 models But after wrangling with the CRTC. the concept
changed to a 21 munute movie “wraparound”. in 2 and 3 minute segments


All commercial ime on the December 26 CTV network airing of the feature
film, “Bullitt”, starring Steve McQueen, and his 1969 Mustang fastback, was
booked and program structured to. A) Remind viewers of the real spirit of
driving freedom Mustang has represented all through its 30 year history and.
B) Encourage viewers to call a special hotline number for information and
vist thei nearest Ford dealer for a test drive


Combination documentary style intercut with Ford of Canada President, Jim
O'Connor and Dizector of Marketing. John Radford. introducing the 1994


V Anextremely unique and successful television event

¥ Drew close to 40% more viewers than expected

¥ More than 4000 calls to special Mustang hotline number

¥ Unusually strong showroom traffic right across the
country. despite bitter cold in most regions

¥ Mustang sales expected to increase by 100% over 1935


Jim Murray, Creative Director
Phone 289 667-3475 + Email jim@onandp ca + Skype Jimbobmurél

Strategically Focused. Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed Communications,The Cruise Professionals
New Market Launch


After some preliminary research into the incentive travel market, The Cruise
Professionals. a cruise only travel retailer. decided to set up a full service
incentive and group travel division Their main competition in this market
was with large international incentive packagers The short term objective
was to make an outstanding initial impression at the 1994 Meeting and
Incentive Travel Show


Based on the unique selling proposition of being able to offer all the benefits
of a cruise holiday. (vanety of locations. the “urique” cruise expenence.
etc) with the concept of a captive audience for meetings and semunars and
trainung programs



Created an entire corporate package including: company prospectus, direct
marketing letters. corporate brochure and trade ads and trade show booth in
leas than six weeks from concept to delivery


¥ Made a surprising and excellent impression with
a number of prospective clients and cruise company

N In first 8 months, more than $1,000,000 in incentive
travel had been booked

Jim Murray, Creative Director
Phono: 289 667-3475 + Email im@onandup ca + Skype: Jimbobmurél

Strategically Focused. Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed CommunicationsAndres Wines
Peller Estates Brand Launch


To launch a new line of Andrés table wines named Peller Estates This was
the first time the Peller family (owners of Andrés Wines) had ever put their
name on a bottie of wine They were taking this very personally They were
also hoping the launch of this brand would counter the perception that their
size as a company was inversely proportional to the quality of their wines


To focus on the winemalang aspect of the brand, personalizing it and ging
a genuine personality to the winemaker fumself


3 television commercials. each concerning itself with an aspect of the
winemakers pride of craft. Commercials wero based on the theme, “The
proudest expression of the winemaker s art” The theme was carried over
into print and POP materials, including a “Connoisseurs Guide”, which is
given out in retail environments


V Aresounding success At the end of its first year. Peller Estates
18 the #10 ranked white table brand with a 2.7 share

NV Its 18% growth per year, relative to market growth
of runs 3% is equally as impressive.

¥ From the original footage we have cut a fourth spot for
Cabernet Chardonnay and 3 new commercials for B.C
Proprietor s Reserve brands

Jim Murray, Creative Director
Phone: 289 687-3476 + Email jim@onandup.ca + Skype Jimbobmuré]

Strategically Focused, Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed CommunicationsFuji Graphic Systems
New Division Launch


Creative direction for Fuji Graphic Systems. a ew division of Fujifilm.
Canada formed as a result of the acquisition of McCutcheon Graphics. a
nanonal supplier of pre-press equipment to the printing industry.


To position Fuji Graphic Systems Canada as Canada’s only “Single Source”
supplier of pre-press hardware, software, service, training ard supplies


A multi-media campaign, which included press releases. trade advertising.
national and tactical direct marketing. complete development of creative
for a 2000 plus square foot booth at GraphicTrade ‘93, the graphic arts trade


V Arecord 12% of annual sales projection achieved
during the four-day GraphicTrade show

¥ Campaign concept is row being executed in
tactical. price/product focused trade advertising
and direct mail

Vv Campaign was selected by Fujifim, Tokyo, to run
as campaign for Fup Graphic Systems worldwide

Jim Murray. Creative Director
Phono: 289 667-3475 + Email im@onandup ca + Skype: Jimbobmurél

Strategically Focused. Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed CommunicationsJohn Mastromonaco Photography
Branding Campaign

Creative Direction for the development of the public image of photographer

& commercials director, John Mastromonaco


I. Tointroduce john Mastromonaco to the advertising
community and create demand for hus work

2 After three years, to re-launch john as a commercials
durector in Canada.
3 After 18 months, to launch John as a commercials

director in the US Market


Targeted direct marketing campaigns to the top agency art directors, writers
broadcast producers This effort was supplemented by outstanding persoral
representation. by Derus Kane and excellent PR in local trade publications,
(Marketing. Playback etc)


¥ John's gross billings shot trom $125.000 per yeas to
more than $900K (700%) in each of the first two.
years of the campaign. The third year, when he chose
not to advertise, his revenues dropped below $400K

v As a director, John shoots in excess of 60 days a year
in Canada and the US (very high) and grosses more
than $1,200,000 annually

Mur Marked 2)

Jim Murray, Creative Director
Phono: 289 687-3475 + Email jim@onandup ca * Skype Jimbobmuzé]

Strategically Focused, Accurately Targeted & Creatively Execatod Communications.Kaufman Footwear
4 Years of Creative Direction


Creative Direction for the Kaufman Footwear account. an account which
billed in excess of $5M Kaufman consists of 4 individual brands, including
Sorel cold weather boots. Black Diamond safety boots. Defrosters winter
boots and Foamtread shippers Sorel is by far the largest of these four brands
1 Kaufman's marketing mix


To reposition Sorel 10 appeal 10 a broades customer base, taking advantage
of its strength ir the traditional market azeas


New targets were identified and a multi focused series of campaigns
developed The campaign elements included: print. outdoor. radso,
television. coop. in-store video, outdoor. sk: slope mite advertising, events.
catalogue and direct response


Through what Kaufman's G M describes as the worst four years in the history
of the footwear business in North America


vy 1990 Sales Increase — 12%
v 1991 Sales Increase — 14%
N 1992 Sales Increase — 16%
N 1993 Sales Increase — 23%

¥ Dramatic market penetration ir Canadian urban
centres, US, Europe and Asia

Jim Murray. Creative Diretor
Phone: 289 687-3475 + Email im@onandup ca + Skype: Jimbobrmuzél

Strategically Focused. Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed Communications
R.G Shelley Ltd
Corporate Rebranding


RG Shelley Limited is a distributor of high tech automation equipment
Together with their engineering arm. they are a small but formidable
solutions provider to the manufacturing industry However, the Shelley
force, which was excellent, was composed of vertical specialists, whom
management felt could increase company sales dramatcally through an
education’ promotional program which promoted cross selling internally
and was supported by with corporate materials which tied together the 4
areas of Shelley's expertise



An overall strategic positioning was created under the umbrella concept,
Productivity Is Our Business” A proposal for a strong multi-dvisional
corporate identity program was created and approved


Created ar entire corporate package including New logo/wordmark design
corporate colour scheme, information folder with inset company brochure
and sales support materials which showcased Shelley's supplier partners
and featured a graphic which tied the company’s 4 divisions together, trade
show booth. serurar invitations, small space trade ads and new stationery/
business cards This was supported by an array of branded promotional
materials from hats to pens to scratchpads.

{Sales volume increased substantially during first and second
year of this campaign

¥ Increased sales brought about the development of Medical Imaging
drvson, which substantially increased business volumes for both
Shelley ard Shelley's engineering division, Sidac

¥ Shelley has an up-to-date image in an industry not at all famous for
that sort of thung and a focused corporate story well told

Maar Markeding
Jim Murray, Creative Director
Phone: 289 687-3478 + Email jim@onandup ca + Skype Jimbobmuré

Strategically Focused, Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed CommunicationsThe Mutual Group

Branding Evolution


London Life's Freedom 58 was dominating the market But consumer
research done on it pointed out that mary consumers felt they were too

old to really benefit from the program ard would be favorably disposed to
one which did not seem as corfirang and high pressure. The Mutual Group
decided that offering a more flexible approach to insurance and retirement
would be more appealing to these types of people


A program was created under the working title “Freedom Whenever” The
entical point of communication of this campaign was simply that the Agents
of the Mutual Group understand that you've got yous own plans and dreams
and don't necessarily want to alter those dreams to fit into another insurance
company’s idea of when or how things should happer in your hfe


This was an all-encompassing program, which included PR. agent
indoctrination, promotion and advertising in all media, including television.
newsletters, agent office signage The program. though tactical in nature was
housed under the banner of the Mutual Group's corporate positioning line

“The Mutual Group and You Facing Tomorrow Together”

V The campaign was able to increase awareness of the
Mutual Group as a “flexible and understanding” financial
services partrer It also helped the Mutual Group agents
10 one of their highest average indexes in the past decade

¥ Agents actively participated ordering quantities of pop
materials ard posters well in excess of projections.


Jim Murray, Creative Director
Phone: 289 687-3475 + Email jim@onandup ca + Skype: Jimbobmuré]

Strategically Focused, Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed CommunicationsInterior Dimensions
New Services & Branding Development


To develop a complete marketing program for a new drasion of Interior
Dimensions. a high end office construction company

The new division would address itself 10 the business of services and repairs.
known in the construction industry as “Small Contracts” work. Phase 1 of a
three phase corporate marketing campaign to fully diversify the services
being offered by Interior Dimensions


Quality leads. create awareness and demand. confirm meetings and obtain


1. Afall telemarketing program to qualify prospects from the
top 3000 companies in Toronto

2 Adiect mail “Lead Generation” program. followed up by
confirmation and meeting acquisition

3 Creanon of follow up materials and meeting scripts to
close deals

¥ Virtually total recall on the direct mail piece, with an

overwhelmingly positive pre-dispos:tion and good
depth of understanding of the Small Contracts service.

¥ Aer program launch in April 1994, gross sales reported
10 be in excess of 200% above optimistic projection for this
time period

Jim Murray, Creative Director
Phone: 289 687-3475 + Email im@onandup ca + Skype: Jimbobrmuzél

Strategically Focused. Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed CommunicationsCIBC DoubleCheque
New Product Launch


CIBC developed a new photo-imaging system for cancelled cheques. called
“CIBC DoubleCheque” The systems was designed to elimurate the
returning of and subsequent client problems with full sized cancelled


4) Convert as many CIBC Chequing Account customers to the
DoubleCheque systems as possible, and b) Create awareness and interest
in the DoubleCheque system amorg those customers currently choosing to
work only from thei bank statement

Targeted direct marketing campaign. supported by radio and TV (created
by AOR BBDO) Direct marketing components were very tactile and
discovery oriented. designed to create strong memorability


v Highly successful program which tracked early 40%
conversion over a 4 month period among both targets

\ Furst draft copy was approved by CIBC Marketing
Comumuttee with runor changes in a single meeting

Jim Murray, Creative Director
Phono: 289 667-3475 + Email im@onandup ca + Skype: Jimbobmurél

Strategically Focused. Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed CommunicationsFry’s Cocoa
Brand Revitalization Program


The market for raw cocoa was in a senious dechine, due in part to the
diminished amount of time people had to cook Our challenge. then was 0
encourage people lo reciscover the Joys of making chocolate desserts and
snacks and to convince them that there were a lot of interesting recipes they
could try that were both quick and easy, with Fry's Cocoa emphasis


Ultimately. what was dec:ded upon was a 12 page booklet to disseminate
mmple and time saving recipes using Fry's as the base ingrecaent The
booklet was entitled “Chocolate Fastastic™ Recipes were created by the
creative, media. account service and chert marketing team with a team of
home economists The writer. myself. a bit of an amateur short order cook.
was used as the norm (It was determined that if | could make these recipes.
anyone could ) Homemakers was chosen as the primary velucie, supported
by an on-pack offer and a shelf talker with a built-in request slip.


Magazine inserts contairung innovative chocolate recipes build arourd Fry's
Cocoa were created for Homemakers and Madame au Foyer magazines


¥ Over that winter. Fry's Cocoa sales rebounded dramatically,
(30% on average. with stronges sales in the east and PQ)

V Asequel to the booklet was requested by the client
We named it. “Chocolate Fastastic I"

¥ There were more than 6,000 requests for the booklets And in
each issue of Homemakers in which they were published. they
achieved the highest readersiup scores of the year

Murtharked inh)

Jim Murray, Creative DizoStos
Phone: 289 687-3478 + Email jim@onandup ca + Skype: Jimbobmuré]

Strategically Focused. Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed CommunicationsPeel Scrap Metal Recycling
Brand Identity Development


Peel Scrap Metal Recycling is a 22 year oid family run business in east Mississauga
which has dore well through flyering. sponsorships and word of mouth in the small
business trades They believed they could grow their business much more dramatcally
by developing a branded identity and a strong presence or. the Internet, which many of
their competitors cid not have


The main objective was to streas the positive environmental aspects of scrap metal
recycling and position Peel as a niche recycler, since they did not handle vehicles or
heavy industrial machinery The marketing would also include their ability to process
scrap wire, a very profitable form of recycling Their primary target audience is the
plumbing, construction and electronic trades Their broader secondary market is the

general public

As strategist, writer and art director, | worked with the client to create a

powertal logo and positioning line, along with accompanying corporate identity
materials, trade and directory advertising. sales brochures, building and truck signage
and logo applications for promotional materials On the web side, associate. Terry
Lewis and [ worked with Simon Browning at SeeThrough Web to czeate a Typo3 content
management site, integrated WordPress biog and an SEO program, which included the
development of a number of smaller ‘feeder’ sites, based on the top metals whuch Peel

V After a 6 month startup period and 18 months of marketing actmty.

Poel is realizing a business volume increase of approximately
20% across both target audience areas

+ Peel's visibility via sponsorships and education initiatives in the community
18 much higher as are their search engine and directory rankings

Peel's increase in business has allowed them to recently open a second
recycling warehouse to serve the Oakville and Buzlington market

Jim Murray. Creative Director
Phone: 289 687-3478 + Email im@onandup ca + Skype: imbobmurél

Sategically Focused. Accurately Targeted & Creatively Executed Communications
More Stuff About Me

I have recently relocated to the Niagara Peninsula area, which is actually where I was born and raised and am currently actively networking. My objective is to connect with a few small businesses and to help them build their businesses by adding greater effectiveness to their communication.

I have been married to the same amazing woman since the early 1970s. I have two great kids (one a novelist, the other a professional baker and bakery manager) and two grandsons. I was an avid cyclist, and have been since childhood. I am also a photographer and a mentor to several independent entrepreneurial businesses.

I left Toronto because I was interested moving back to the area where I grew up, which is a part of the country I have always loved and where my sisters and brother live. I had also grown weary of the life in the big city and needed a place where I could breathe more freely again.

Finally, I am fanatically dedicated to my work and my clients and take a great deal of professional pride in helping them succeed, and hope to keep working for as long as I can think straight.

Early in 2020 I underwent spinal surgery, which has left me temporarily without the use of my legs. I am currently in rehab to get them back. Fortunately nothing else was affected.

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Great, helpful tips for campaigners!

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Jim, Very interesting!

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