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My World In Black, White & Shades Of Grey

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A couple of weeks ago, when I was in the throes of my late October cold (happens every year whether I need it or not), the only thing I had the energy to do was sit around and surf the Internet.

On Facebook, I noticed that someone had started a black and white photography challenge and lo and behold, someone had challenged me.

Never one to back down from a challenge, even when feeling like 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag, I set to work shuffling though my photo archive looking for images I thought could take the transition nicely.

I was actually quite surprised to find that there were, IMHO, quite a number of them. So I started posting one a day. At the end of the 7 day period, I decided that I was enjoying the process so much that I just kept going to 14.

So here they are in no particular order. The idea was to represent your life without any explanation. Therefore I will not explain these other than to say they are on point vis a vis the objective of the exercise.



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Jim Murray

4 years ago #9

I took all these with my I phone. There doesn't seem to be a black and white setting. And even if there were I would still mess with it is a bit.

Phil Friedman

4 years ago #8

Black and White is an art medium. We see in color (most of us anyway). So to BandW-tize a color photo is, I think, artistically acceptable, IMHO. Cheers!

Jim Murray

4 years ago #7

Thanks @ Phil...truth be told, these are all colour shots that I have played with. But they are all shots that i took with the intention of making them black and white. Shooting on an Iphone makes that necessary.

Phil Friedman

4 years ago #6

I once (thankfully only once) saw a colorization of some of Ansel Adams's work. Yech! B and W is it’s own medium, not a primitive precursor of color photography — Kodak marketing notwithstanding. As you have amply demonstrated here, Jimbo. Thanks for sharing these. And cheers!

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

4 years ago #5

In the past, when photography was black and white, people cherished pictures so dearly! Now-a-days, with a tincture of colors, we all enjoy in merriment.

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #4

Wonderful! I always find black and white photos to be so much more interesting than colour photographs. Great work. You made the ordinary seem rather intriguing.
Black and photography is the purest form of photography. I enjoy the crispness of detail and layers of contrasts. Your collection is stunning, Jim.

Gert Scholtz

4 years ago #2

Jim Murray Black and white photography is a unique art - a gallery to proud of Jim. I like the lighthouse the most; perhaps the function of it coupled with the sunshine from behind the lighthouse, all on black and white - a spectacular photo.

Charlene Norman

4 years ago #1

Y'know, whether you have a cold or not, your inner eye, creative eye or whatever the hell you call that talent thing of yours -- that ability to capture the essence of something, never takes a sick day. And these pics prove said statement extremely well.

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