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Pension Awareness Day in the UK Sept 15th

Did you know that the United Kingdom has a Pension Awareness Day on September 15th? The Pension Awareness Day takes place annually on September 15 with the aim to alert the nation that they need to save more for their retirement.

The campaign was created by Pensions Geeks which runs a series of tours and workshops across the country to help people understand how much they will need in retirement and what they need to do in order to reach their savings goals.

The initiative is supported by the Department for Work and Pensions as well as Pension Wise and Now Pensions.

Pension providers such as Aegon are also involved with a cross-country tour to get people engaged with their pensions.

But many advisers and many workers are unaware that this initiative exists, despite being the main point of call for many people seeking help with their retirement planning.

There are three main questions asked by those attending these events

1.      They want to know how they find out what is in their pension.

2.     Whether their Pension fund is enough.

3.     Most importantly what they have to do next.

There is no Pension Awareness Day in Canada that I am aware of, and perhaps there should be. The Pension Awareness day information for the United Kingdom can be found here  There are a great many videos and webinars on this page, enough to answer general questions about pensions.

We have a problem in Canada and the US with people not saving enough for retirement so an initiative like this could benefit all of us. An interesting idea


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