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Precepts for Bettering our Lives

Image source: Pixabay - sort: IS
Image source: Pixabay


Instead of finding out factual information, we, sometimes rely on rumors.


We are living in an era where nothingness becomes news, one’s stupidity is counted as a sensational story, baseless rumors are sketched as realities and vain gossips are valued more than goodness.


And then, more than reflecting on essential courtesies, we give worth to our positions and workplaces. May be that’s because we are far ahead in worldliness and scantily interested in morals and simplicities.


It’s so simple to become a person of character, but we spoil our energies to become critics.


For instance, at workplaces, some people relish talking about others. Okay, that’s human tendency. But, instead of frank conversations, they tend to probe about someone from someone else. Perhaps, there’s no point in gossiping others’ affairs. Can we build a harmonious workplace culture in absence of honesty and humane attitude?


It gives me a chuckle when people bereft of genuine concern and courtesies talk about their career pathways and progressive lives. But what sense it makes when people are least bothered to cultivate mannerisms and embrace empathy? Like a chemist, we have to understand the abstract elements that shape our human nature. Say, what happens when there’s an excess of ignorance, fluctuating obstinacy and deficiency of upright knowledge?


Perhaps, we have to be faithful as well as practical in our lives to be successful. It’s so simple. Cleanse your heart and be without any jealousy and rancor. Be conscious and committed to goodness. What then? You will feel how beauteous is your life.


Be courteous to your comrades and forget your foes. Keep doing your way and brush off sarcasms. Life itself becomes chiseled and virtuous. No burden, and no boredom too.


Life is not at all hectic, and in fact, we hold differing perspectives because we define life differently.


But then life is a blessing, bounty and a timely ordeal when we perceive its essence and verities.


In truth, we turn our lives messy when we live in lethargies, deviate in liberties and become frail with failures. Perhaps, a greater spoil of our lives come when we pay no heed to truthful counsels and cling to our damaging obstinacies.


What happens when we forget about purposeful living and worry ourselves for amassing wealth? It’s a disgraceful living, like a henpecked husband, under the reign of an arrogant wife. In brevity, such a person is a loser in life.


So what if a person is wealthy by all sorts of luxuries? But, devoid of character, conscience and contentment, life is all a misery. It’s all mindlessness in absence of rightful reflections, realization and refinement.


It’s truly an embarrassment when we neglect truthful mentors and struggle to take some sort of inspiration by following our own temptations and whims. So, we tread not for the truths, but tamper our souls in transgression. Certainly, for this, we find our lives chaotic and frustrating. No pensive ponderings, no peace. 


What then? We lose the splendor of our lives and proceed to the brim of our destined age. We then, with our wobbling hearts and wrinkled bodies, ardently wish to live further.


Truthful precepts are only for bettering our lives. You may live in accordance to the fashion of the world or traverse on truthful ways. It’s plainly up to you.

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