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Quick Question About Organic Reach of LinkedIn Status Updates

What's up with LInkedIn's crazy algorithm for status updates?

The organic reach still is terrible but if you do a text update, the reach is much further than if you include an image.


Anyone else seeing this?

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Those who post inappropriate content should be the ones punished rather than slapping a penalty on all photos.
lol Anne people of few judgment ...that is not new...haha...but in the name of freedom...they have the right to. As there are speed limits on roads and driving licence for car users...blogging...posting should have regulation and rules.
Sorry for my slow response everyone. Life happens. :( Well I guess given the inappropriate images that some people post you have a point Stephan. Now we are all punished as some people have no judgement about what images to post.

Javier 馃悵 CR

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Anders Liu-Lindberg yes...I can't believe it ! Let's see what happens with LI
Here is a Hint: 1) uploading image cost $$$ bandwidth...for both side plausible 2nd)Image copyrights utilisation 3)Linkedin owns your contents but the individual hold all responsibilities and liabilities. So Text only outreach seems a far better tactic..and let's minimize the spread and risk on un-controllable images uses... Now LinkedIn has its tweakers users that think they reach more people..for their ego or non-paid advertising purposes..othewise why a hell would they send you a 50 $ coupon code...LOL. LinkedIn isn't for audience reach and building a segemented by affinity audience. The views that really matters are: Profile views done by recruiters, scammers and people collecting information on you. That said LINKEDIN is the most POWERFUL RECRUITEMENT TOOL ON THE PLANET. Questions: 1) Are you a recruiter ? 2) Do you want to be hired. 3)Do you need a paid professional to help you with both objective.

Javier 馃悵 CR

4 years ago #1

Yes. Candice \ud83d\udc1d Galek saw the same. I think they are trying to avoid too many quotes images but only text is not good. I am enjoying a lot how Microsoft is going to limit users more and more. It is obvious. They bought it to monetize it, and not for improcing a free based publishing platform.

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