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Services for Canadian Seniors

The other day I was wondering if there was a single source of information on Programs and Services for Seniors that I could refer people to in Canada. I knew that there are a variety of programs and services to help us ensure our later years are safe and secure. Our government has put links to some great information and I have it below for your use.

If you are not comfortable on the net, or you have friends who are not at ease on the Internet have them call 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232) to find out what services are available to seniors in Canada.

List of Programs and Services for Seniors

Canada Pension Plan

· Overview - Canada Pension Plan

· When to start the CPP pension

Guaranteed Income Supplement

· Guaranteed Income Supplement

Old Age Security

· Old Age Security

Caregiving Benefits

· Caregiving Benefits and Leave

· Canada Caregiver Credit

· Dementia and Caregiving

· Caregiver Readiness

· Your Role, Care Conversations

· Care Options

· Balancing Work and Caregiving

Your Health

· Physical Activity

· Nutrition and Healthy Eating

· Food Safety for 60+ Adults

· Get Your Flu Shot

· Mental Wellness

· Dementia

Safe at Home

· You CAN Prevent Falls

· Safe Living Guide – Home Safety for Seniors

· Age-Friendly Communities

· Plan your future today

· Plan your future today - Videos

Managing Your Money

· Saving for Retirement

· Budgeting During Retirement

· Annuities

· Working While Collecting a Pension

· Pension Income Splitting

· Disability Tax Credit

· Powers of Attorney and more

· Wills and Funerals

· Financial Abuse

Services for Veterans

· Canadian Forces and RCMP Veterans

· Mental Health for Veterans

· My VAC Account

Fraud Prevention

· Protection from Fraud and Scams

· Little Black Book of Scams

· Report Fraud

· Protecting Your Financial Information

· Fraud Quiz

· Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Funding Programs

· New Horizons for Seniors


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