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Should I work after retirement or change my job?

Times are tough, many of us are not working and it is not by choice. The economy in many countries is in the tank and many are searching for a new way to make a living. Maybe it is time to re-invent ourselves or to start a new career. Note I said career, not a job.

A job is work; you perform to earn money to support your basic needs. It can be full-time or part-time and may be short-term. You might earn an hourly wage or a set paycheck rather than a salary with benefits. You might need to learn certain skills connected with that role, but not all jobs require a specialized degree or advanced training.

You can also define a job as a short- or long-term contract between an employer and a worker. For instance, a company hires a local contractor to complete an office renovation job. They agree upon payment terms, and the job ends once the project is complete.

What is a career?

A career is a journey you embark on based on your passions. It is the path you embark upon to fulfill your goals and ambitions. In addition to a wage, a career brings benefits beyond money, such as personal pride, work satisfaction and self-worth.

While everyone's situation is unique and there are more questions to consider than what I can include in just one blog post, I can share some reasons why you should absolutely consider starting a new career after 50.

In fact, depending on whether you're currently working, here are some reasons to consider starting or changing your career:

To reduce stress.

Stress is at an all-time high for MANY people right now. You're not alone! Dealing with physical distancing, fear of COVID, worrying about family and friends and then work stress on top of it? While you may not be able to control some things, work is one thing you CAN control. In fact, research shows that the right position can make you happier. And when you're making a difference in your work, that can have a major impact on your stress levels.

To slow things down.

Living through a pandemic has forced many of us to pause and reflect on what makes us happy. Rather than returning to the hustle and bustle once the most difficult days of the pandemic are behind us, changing careers now can help you prioritize what's really important and slow down your life a bit.

To keep your brain sharp.

Our brains are like muscles -- we must use them to keep them fit! Changing careers help us flex our brain "muscles," learn new things and step out of our comfort zones. As a bonus, challenging our brains by trying something new can even help reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

If you're currently retired or not working...

If you've been thinking about returning to work, and especially of trying a new career, now is a GREAT time!

We could all use some extra money.

We've said it a few times already, but we're living in uncertain times. Extra money can make a big difference right now for nearly every family.

Branch out and meet new people.

To the point above about brain health and keeping sharp, starting a new career after 50 can help you get out of the house, branch out of your comfort zone, and meet new, wonderful people!

We've all seen the headlines about loneliness in the pandemic, loneliness has been shown to have a major, negative impact on heart health. Getting out and interacting with new people can do WONDERS.

Should I work after retirement or change my job?

Thanks to Interim health care for the idea

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Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee

Hard to do in the USA. Such activity has been banned...

Harvey Lloyd

Harvey Lloyd

8 months ago #2

It has always been my thought that humans core purpose is to create value. Value can equal anything the human mind proposes to be valuable. In most cases this value appears to have a need to be shared by others in order for us to feel that is valuable. Most of our life value is turned towards food clothing and shelter. Once we reach an age where this is covered our mind expands to what's next. Whatever we choose it will need to include creating value that we find ourselves "good".

Royce Shook

Royce Shook

8 months ago #1

Silas, you are welcome

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