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Sol Maya Trickey Asks: Does your Company Culture Lead to Happy Clients?

Sol Maya Trickey Asks: Does your Company Culture Lead to Happy Clients?

The easiest thing a company can do to make its customers happy is to make its employees happy. When employees experience a safe and happy workplace and have the tools they need to complete their job, they are more willing to go above and beyond to satisfy customers, which will lead to more business and larger profits for the company. How can a company create a happy employee experience?

Company Culture

Happiness in the workplace starts with company culture. Trust, respect and communication are some characteristics of a positive environment. If employees are being treated with respect in these regards, they’ll pass it along in their customer interactions.

Physical Environment

Employees will be more productive in a comfortable environment. This means that all safety measures are met. It means they have the space to do their job correctly. It means the company has proper tools and technology to be successful and that they continue to update processes.


Training is one of the most important tools to give an employee. It’s not fair to anyone to push a new employee into a customer-facing position without giving them the knowledge and training needed to perform the job. It leaves everyone stressed out and uncomfortable.

Additionally, the leaders within the company should be trained as such. They should be taught the skills a good leader requires: coaching, listening, and treating employees with empathy and fairness.

See the Person

Companies need to see their employees as people and not as entities of their business. Remember they are individuals. They should be dealt with on a separate, unique basis and rewarded when they are successful.

The company should keep in mind that their employees have lives outside of work. They are people with families, hobbies, joys, and problems. The more a company can demonstrate that they value their employees as people, the better balance the employee will find between work and home. If they have a balance, they can focus their attention on the job when they're at work.

A company focusing on employee happiness is also promoting customer happiness. Companies looking to improve customer satisfaction should look within their business and make sure they're treating employees the way they want their customers to be treated. 

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