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Sol Maya Trickey, Vancouver, on Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture: More Than What you Think


While companies do their best to innovate and maximize the effectiveness of their business efforts, many obstacles tend to stand in their paths. From highly-competitive companies in their markets to stagnant sales, companies have to continue to find ways to improve. One overlooked obstacle for the growth of a company lies within the company itself. Organizational culture can play a huge role in the development of a company. Organizational culture can affect the way that employees interact with one another and their work. The culture of an organization can even play a role in how leaders accomplish the goals of the entire company.

The History of the Culture

Understanding the importance of organizational culture, Amazon and Google are organizations that place a massive emphasis on maintaining great cultures within their companies. However, for most companies, the culture of the company is simply a reflection of the characters of the individual employees. Organizational culture, in many organizations, isn't molded, it is a byproduct. New hires of these companies are candidates who just happened to fit into the existing culture of the company.

Changing Culture

There are many things that businesses can do to change their organizational cultures. The first step to the change is being aware of the current organizational culture. The specific steps that a company will need to take to change their organizational culture will depend largely on the specific culture of that company. A company will need to determine areas in which its own organizational culture can be improved. Then, the company will determine the best ways in which these areas can be refined.

Many companies fail to realize the importance of organizational culture. Organizational culture, while it is often overlooked, is a big factor in the employee turnover rate of a company. Employees are more likely to stay in companies that have better cultures than companies that don't. Additionally, a better organizational culture will allow employees to feel more motivated when accomplishing the tasks of the organization. A great organizational culture is one factor that will create enjoyment within an employee when arriving to work every day. Good organizational culture will also promote collaboration between employees, as they will enjoy working with one another more.

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