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Standing on the Tip

Standing on the Tip

Standing in the wind on the tip of Canada. Point Pelee is the southernmost point on mainland Canada. Pelee Island and Middle Island are islands in Lake Erie which are further south and owned by Canada. Notice the calm water on the west side and the rough water on the east.

There is something about the water that my soul seems to crave. Maybe it is because I grew up on the Canadian east coast, or maybe there is some other reason. I don鈥檛 know, but I do know that that when I can鈥檛 be near a shoreline, I feel completely out of whack. Being near the water soothes my soul in the most indescribable ways. Living in Chatham, water is accessible, but not to the degree that I have become accustomed. I used to be able to take a walk down to Lake Ontario and sit on a boulder. The Great Lakes seem as big as the ocean, and the ocean is where my roots lie. I feel very comfortable there. Although Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Great Lakes, from most points, the other side is impossible to see.

Lake Erie is the lake that is closest to where I live now. It is the most southern of the Great Lakes and the second smallest, covering 25,700 square km. The Great Lakes are the largest fresh water lakes in the world and are spectacular to visit. The southernmost tip of mainland Canada is a place called Point Pelee, which is a national park and home to 350 different species of migrating birds. It is also a migratory stop for the famous Monarch butterflies. Each autumn, thousands descend on Point Pelee and wait for the right conditions to make their flight to Mexico.

I mentioned to my friend, Peter, that I was missing the water, so he made plans to take me to Point Pelee to see the butterflies. The butterflies left earlier that day, so we didn鈥檛 get to see them. Nevertheless, it was by far, the best day of my life. I felt as though all of nature was vibrating through me. The wind at the point was wild. The water was rough on the east side and calm as could be on the west. All I wanted to do was immerse myself in the sand and pebbles and feel the water flow around me. I am in awe of the vastness of this country and the power of the nature that surrounds me. I can hardly wait to go back.

The point of Point Pelee changes every day due to the way the tides move the sand around.聽

Sitting in the pebbles on the calmer, west side of Point Pelee. If you look closely, you can see the聽 east coast of Pelee Island in the distance.


No stone shall be left unturned by the rough waters of the east side.

Sunset on Lake Erie. The park closes at sunset, so we snapped this pic just up the road from the park.聽

Much gratitude to my friend, Peter for giving me the best day of my life.


About me:

I am a former public relations professional, adult educator and published author. My life experiences have been rich and have led me to the work I am doing to bring success and fulfillment to people all over the world.聽

I believe that nothing works well in life if we are not in vibrational harmony with our inner being. Self-destructive behaviours, self-sabotaging behaviours, anger, and control issues indicate that there is a disconnect between the outer self and the divine inner self. Once you heal that relationship, you will discover your career, your business, external relationships, your health, and overall wellness will improve dramatically. Please visit my website at www.reneecormier.comfor information about what I do and to reach me for support with your goals.


Ren茅e 馃悵 Cormier

4 years ago #2

It really is a magical place. Not as scenic as other beaches but the energy on the tip is fantastic. Literally the meeting of Yin and Yang.

Neil Smith

4 years ago #1

I really like the cover photo for this article. You look "Childishly happy", and I mean that in a good way, and the place looks magnificent. 

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